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Camp Furniture

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CAMPZ Nylon Mosquito Net Hammock Ultralight blue
CAMPZ Nylon Mosquito Net Hammock Ultralight blue blue
Nylon Mosquito Net Hammock Ultralight blue
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Camp Furniture for Relaxing in the Outdoors

Camp Furniture

There’s nothing better than returning to your campsite at the end of a long day of hiking and adventuring to relax in a comfortable chair or to lie in a hammock. Knowing that you have a table to hold your drink or to eat dinner around and an air mattress or camp bed to lie down in at night is just as comforting. With camp furniture, you can transform any campsite into a luxury escape into nature and make your campsite feel like home away from home. From chairs and tables to air mattresses, hammocks, beds, and more, has everything you need to make your campsite so comfortable you’ll never want to leave.

Lounging and Dining at Camp

Camp chairs and tables are essential to some of the most classic camping experiences. Enjoying dinner with friends and family requires a table to gather around and chairs to sit on while eating dinner. Relaxing around the fire means lounging in camp chairs arranged around the fire ring. Even having chips and drinks is made easier with a table to put your stuff down onto and a chair to take the weight off your feet. Camp chairs come in a wide variety of designs, allowing you to choose what feels most comfortable for your camping experience. Whether you want a captain’s chair with built-in cupholders or a tiny tripod chair that can pack down to maximise portability, there’s a camp chair for every occasion. Similarly, camp tables are available in sizes large and small. Large tables are perfect for cooking and seating groups of four or more, while smaller tables can offer a convenient surface for dinner for two or for holding drinks and snacks.

Organisation and Storage

When you’re headed into the woods for multiple days of adventure, you need to bring a lot of stuff with you – clothes for any weather, a full cook set for making meals in the mornings and evenings, lighting, games, and much more. All of that gear needs to be organised if you’re to find it when you need it, which is where camp cupboards and transport boxes come into play. Camp cupboards are the ideal portable solution for organising your things at camp. Interior shelving allows you to easily separate cooking gear, food, clothes, and shoes so you always know where your stuff is. Plus, many camp cupboards come with table surfaces that can be used for cooking and cleaning. Transport boxes are designed for your most valuable and delicate gear. These boxes can keep your stuff dry in a downpour and safe from prying critters, making them perfect for leaving behind at camp while you head out on a hike for the day.

Sleeping Systems

One of the biggest complaints amongst campers is poor sleep, but that’s often because people are trying to sleep on a thin pad on hard, uneven ground. With an air mattress, camp bed, or hammock, you can put some padding and distance between yourself and the ground to achieve a good night’s sleep on every camping trip. Air mattresses and camp beds adapt perfectly if you’re sleeping in a tent, and both can eliminate pressure points caused by the ground. In elevating you off the ground, camp beds also open up storage space under your bed. Hammocks offer a comfortable sleeping solution for warm summer nights thanks to air circulation above and below your body. Better yet, hammocks are perfect for lounging around camp or taking a nap during hot afternoons after a tiring adventure.

Camp Furniture at

At, we offer a huge selection of camp furniture so you can outfit any campsite for style and comfort. We carry every type of camp furniture you need, including chairs, tables, beds, hammocks, cupboards, and more. Plus, we offer flexible shipping options and a 100-day return policy on all camp furniture.