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Ski Goggles

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Ski Goggles to Help You Perform on the Slopes

Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are an essential piece of gear for skiers and snowboarders. They do a lot more than just protect your eyes from wind – they also help keep your facewarm on brisk winter days, ensure that you don’t get a face full of snow when you take a spill, and help you see the terrain in bright or flat light.Here at, we carry hundreds of goggles for different mountain conditions. You’re sure to find a pair that can help you perform your best this winter.

Why Wear Ski Goggles?

Ski goggles have a lot of different functions, which is why they’re a standard partof every skier and snowboarders’ setup.To start, they protect your face – from wind, snow, rain, and anything else that could get into your eyes. If you’ve ever tried skiing fast without goggles, you knowhow much your eyes can water from the wind. Ski goggles eliminate that problementirely.In addition, ski goggles help keep you warm. Most goggles have foam insulation that traps body heat, helping keep the entire upper half of your face warm even on cold winter days.The best thing about goggles, though, is that they can help you see the mountainbetter. Ski goggle lenses are designed to reduce glare on sunny days or increasecontrast on cloudy days, so you’re not squinting to try to figure out if that rapidlyapproaching feature is a mogul or just a shallow dip in the show. Having the rightgoggles and lenses for the conditions can dramatically improve your visibility and performance.

Choosing the Best Ski Goggles


The best place to start with choosing a pair of ski goggles is to find a pair that fits. Goggles come in different widths and shapes, so you’re sure to find a pair that fits snugly around your face. Ski goggles should extend up to the brim of your helmet, and there shouldn’t be any gaps where wind can sneak in around the sides of theframe.

Anti-fog Design

The most common complaint that skiers and boarders have about bad goggles is that they fog up frequently. Thankfully, there are a couple adaptations that most high-quality ski goggles have to help avoid moisture building up inside the lens.The first is ventilation in the frame. Many goggles have vents on the top or side of the frame that allow cool air into the goggles to whisk away moisture. Just be sure the vents aren’t too large, or else your face can get cold on winter days.Additional adaptations are in the lenses themselves. Double-walled lenses are much less likely to fog up than single-walled lenses. In addition, many lenses come with an anti-fog coating on the inside. Just be sure not to wipe the inside of the lens if fog does form, as this can ruin the anti-fog treatment.

Lens Tint

Lenses come in many different colours – not just to look cool, but also to servedifferent purposes. Yellow, gold, green, light purple lens tints are ideal for cloudy, low-light days on the mountain because they add contrast to the snow surface. Darker grey, blue, and brown lenses allow less light through, which makes themperfect for cutting down the brightness on extremely bright days. If you plan on skiing at night, look for goggles with a clear lens.Keep in mind that the lenses on many modern ski goggles are interchangeable. So, you can buy one frame and change out the lenses between different tints in order to match the day’s conditions.

Ski Goggles at

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