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Hilleberg - the tentmaker
Hilleberg - the tentmaker
The tents of the Swedish brand Hilleberg have stood for reliable protection against wind and weather since 1973. Its unique aerodynamics and the tear-resistant Kerlon fabric make Hilleberg tents particularly robust. Strict quality controls and years of experience guarantee a tent that can withstand extreme conditions for many years. In addition to the longevity of the tents, Hilleberg also places great emphasis on easy handling. The designs are simple and functional enabling the tents to be built by a single person if necessary. At the same time, small details such as interior pockets, laundry lines and friendly colours ensure that you like home in a Hilleberg tent.


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Hilleberg Tents for Backpacking and Mountaineering


Swedish tent maker Hilleberg has been at the cutting edge when it comes to backpacking and mountaineering tents since startubg in 1973. Hilleberg tents combine durability, reliability, strength, and low weight to offer tents you can take anywhere and use for decades. The company maintains rigorous quality standards to ensure that its tents are among the most premium shelters on the planet. As a result, Hilleberg tents are trusted by extreme backpackers and alpine mountaineers around the world.

What Makes Hilleberg Different?

The first thing you’ll notice about Hilleberg tents is that they’re not cheap. This company prides itself on producing high-quality tents that can withstand the world’s harshest conditions, yet are light enough to carry for hundreds of miles or more. Every tent that Hilleberg makes is assembled by hand by a single individual – you can even find the name of the tent builder on the inside of your tent. Hilleberg never compromises, and it clearly shows in its products.

Double-wall Design

All of Hilleberg’s tents are designed with a waterproof breathable inner shelter attached to a waterproof outer. The advantage of this design is that you can pitch both your tent and the fly in a single setup, and the inside of your tent is never exposed to snow or rain. On top of that, the waterproof breathable material that Hilleberg uses ensures that you get less condensation and more insulation – important qualities when your adventures take you to frigid and wet mountain environments.

Kerlon Fabric

Another important difference between Hilleberg tents and every other tent on the market is the fabric used. Hilleberg uses highly specialised Kerlon fabric for all of its tents. Kerlon is extraordinarily durable – it’s six times more resistant to tearing than ordinary tent fabrics. That ensures that your Hilleberg tent can protect you even in white-out conditions when the wind is howling and your tent is taking a whipping.

Hilleberg’s Label System

Hilleberg divides all its tents into four categories: Black Label, Red Label, Yellow Label, and Blue Label.

  • Black Label tents are Hilleberg’s strongest, designed for all-weather use in alpine environments. These tents allow you to completely cover all mesh areas to hunker down when the weather gets bad and use Kerlon 1800 for ultimate protection from the elements.
  • Red Label tents prioritise light weight over protection. They use lighter Kerlon 1200 fabric and slightly thinner poles to cut weight. They’re still strong enough to handle most conditions, but Red Label tents are more ideally suited for long miles.
  • Yellow Label tents are extremely lightweight shelters for three-season use. They incorporate ventilating mesh and lightweight Kerlon 1000 fabric, which is strong but not recommended for extreme conditions.
  • Blue Label tents are built for unique purposes. This category includes Hilleberg’s group dome tent and modular group tent.

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