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Swimrun - open-water swimming & trail running combined
In 2003 four friends stood at Utö in the Stockholm archipelago and made a bet: the team that arrives last in Sandhamn pays for the hotel, dinner and drinks. Utö to Sandhamn is 75 km, with 10km of open-water swimming and 65km of trail running across 26 islands. In 2005 two of the original four, Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott were asked if they could turn what had started out as a bet into a serious race. Thus ÖTILLÖ was born and the inaugural edition of swimrun was held in 2006. For the first couple of years only 11 teams started, with just two crossing the finish line. Then something happened: teams realised that there’s only one way to cover the distance between sunrise and sunset: keep moving and become an amphibian! The swimrun movement is a revolution in endurance sports; inspired by the prototypal ÖTILLÖ race, there are now competitions all over the world. Addnature is the #1 online shop for swimrun equipment and much more.


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Swimrun Gear for Amphibious Racing


Swimrun is a relatively new addition to the multisport endurance world, butswimrun races are popping up around the world and capturing the attention of an ever-growing number of athletes. This amphibious race combines open water swimming and obstacle course-like trail running, with the caveat that you have to carry everything you need for both sports with you over the entire course.Whether you’re looking to try out swimrun for the first time or you’re eyeing a podium, has the wetsuits, shoes, and accessories you need to excel at this challenging sport.

Swimrun Wetsuits

Every racer approaches swimruns with a different set of gear, but almost every swimrun athlete has a wetsuit. That’s because these races typically take place in cold water, where having a wetsuit is less a luxury than a necessity.On top of that, wetsuits provide a few important speed advantages during the swimming portion of swimrun events. Swimrun wetsuits increase your buoyancy in the water, which helps you maintain a neutral and efficient body position for swimming even as your core and legs get tired. In addition, short sleeve and fullsleeve wetsuits are designed to move with less resistance through the water thanyour skin.

What Makes Swimrun Wetsuits Different?

If you’re new to swimrun and already have a triathlon or open water swimmingwetsuit, there’s no reason you can’t use it for swimrun races. But, traditional wetsuits aren’t made for running tens of kilometres in them, whereas swimrun suits are.Swimrun wetsuits typically have both front and rear zippers, whereas standard wetsuits only have rear zippers. Having two zippers allows you to ventilate the suit more easily when running, or even to strip it down to your waist without skipping a beat. In addition, swimrun suits typically feature pockets on the inside or outside – like cycling jersey pockets – so you have a place to store snacks and a spare pair of goggles.The construction of swimrun wetsuits is also quite different compared to standard wetsuits. Swimrun wetsuits may have a difference in thickness of up to six millimetres between the shoulders – which are thin to allow flexibility – and the torso – which is thick to add buoyancy and warmth. On the inside, you’ll typically find glued seams without over-stitching so that you don’t experience chafing whenrunning.There are a number of other, smaller difference to look for in swimrun wetsuits, such as built-in whistles, bright colours that don’t heat up in the sunlight, andwaist attachment loops for hauling tow lines. All of these features can be extremely helpful in a swimrun race, and you’ll almost never find them on a standard wetsuit.

Swimrun Accessories

One of the interesting things about swimrun compared to traditional open water swimming is that you can have any accessories you like, as long as you carry them with you for the entire race. From pull buoys to tow lines and calf sleeves to booties and gloves, carries all the swimrun accessories you could need.

Swimrun Gear at

If you’ve been thinking about getting into swimrun or upgrading your kit, has the gear you need. From swimrun wetsuits to accessories to water-ready running shoes, offers one of the largest selections of swimrun equipment that you’ll find anywhere.

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