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Salomon S/Lab Exo Half Tights Women black
Salomon S/Lab Exo Half Tights Women black black
S/Lab Exo Half Tights Women black
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Salomon Sntial XWarm Down Jacket Men cumin/black
Salomon Sntial XWarm Down Jacket Men cumin/black cumin/black
Sntial XWarm Down Jacket Men cumin/black
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Salomon: running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding

Salomon is world famous for its high-performance functional clothing and accessories that are designed for outdoor sports and leisure activities, such as winter sports, climbing, trekking and running. Technologies that are characteristic of Salomon shoes and clothing are their lightweight, durable and comfortable qualities. On the website, find everything you need from the comprehensive Solomon product portfolio and get ready for your next outdoor adventure.

Salomon shoes

Salomon - all you need for your next adventure

Salomon was originally a French-owned company from Annecy in the French Alps. It was founded in 1947 by François Salomon alongside his wife and son. In 1997, it was acquired by Adidas, but more recently, in 2005, the company was sold to the Finnish company, Amer Sports.

Salomon manufactures clothing, footwear and accessories for a range of sports activities including snowboarding, skiing, walking, running, adventure, racing and other outdoor activities. Its products are sold in over 40 countries across five continents. Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing have always been a key part of Solomon’s product design and many winter sports teams rely on its equipment to go to the extra level. It has also manufactured inline skates that are considered by many skaters to be some of the best-quality skates on the market.

Salomon designs are renowned for their fresh, hard-wearing and high-tech innovations that use lightweight, durable materials and pioneering technologies. They are also known for their stylish designs. Sports professionals from winter to summer rely on Salomon's specialised equipment and clothing.

With Salomon, you can make any terrain your playground

On the website, there is a comprehensive selection of Salomon’s products in a wide choice of categories for men, women and children, including clothing, bags and footwear suitable for different activities and environments, as well as winter sports gear. Popular product categories of Salomon clothing, footwear and accessories available on the website include:

  • Salomon clothing - incorporates industry-leading technologies and looks as good in the street as it does on the side of a mountain. Lightweight properties, weatherproof yet breathable materials, reflective details to keep you visible in the dark, water repellent and windproof properties when required and cuts that allow for optimum freedom of movement are just some of the characteristics of Salomon products
  • Salomon shoes and footwear that are robust and exceptionally durable for different activities - as versatile for hiking in the mountains as walking in the street. Stand-out features include technologies such as foam heel padding, breathable, open mesh constructions and quick-dry materials. Some footwear is integrated with Gore-Tex water repellent membranes to ensure that no matter what outdoor activity you are doing, you have reliable protection against the wind and the weather, while still keeping optimal breathability. Other technologies include Salomon’s Contagrip outer sole that enables maximum grip on different surfaces
  • On the website, you can also find accessories such as Salomon hydration accessories to make drinking extremely fast and accessible with no leaks, and accessories to store your items and water bottle - so you only need to focus on what you are doing
  • Additionally there is a range of winter sports clothing such as highly waterproof and warm down jackets and ski/snowboard pants that look as good on the slopes as they do back down in the town