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Yoga mats & equipment

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Yoga mats & equipment

Fitness is the newest mantra for living a healthy lifestyle. Beginning your day off well not only brings happiness, but it also prepares you for the rest of the day. What is better than beginning the day with some Yoga? Yoga's goal is to increase endurance, awareness, and equilibrium in both the mind and body. Begin your yogic journey at home with the yoga equipment from addanature. Buy Yoga mats and equipments online now!

What is yoga?

Yoga is a physical type of exercise in combination with breathing methods that originated in ancient India. Moreover, Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means "association." Yoga is the relationship of the human body, its movements, with proper posture and breathing.

Importance of yoga mats

When performing yoga poses, one must extend the body at various angles. This can also result in body parts slipping, particularly when performed on a flat surface. Whether doing yoga indoors, or outside on a tile or marble floor, the body is vulnerable to muscule cramps and weariness if it glides in un-favorable directon.

Due to its anti-slip properties, the Yoga Mat helps the individuals in having a strong grip on the surface. Also, it acts as a barrier between the human body and the floor. This inhibits any heat, charge, or energy dissipation from the body to the ground, resulting in thermo-insulation. For these reasons, a Yoga Mat is essential for everyone.

Features of Yoga mats

Yoga mats include the following features;


Yoga mats are meant to provide support, comfort, and cushion. These mats are incredibly light and thin enough to be stored when not in use.


The superior material utilized offers the mat a great feel and finish while keeping any unwanted odor/odor at bay, making it excellent for any hygiene enthusiasts!


The mats are made of PVC, a plastic material. PVC is a robust material that holds the floor reasonably well, ensuring that the map does not skid during the session!


A good yoga mat's stickiness keeps both you and the mat from sliding during practice. It provides stability and aids in proper balancing.

So, what are you still waiting for? Make good health a routine with yoga mats and yoga equipment from addanature!

Importance of Yoga equipment

Props assist practitioners of all kinds in developing the awareness of a yoga pose while reaping the benefits without overdoing it. When we give ourselves a little help, our bodies may gradually unfold into the pose. Props can assist students in practicing asanas and pranayama more successfully, efficiently, and comfortably.