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Travel Luggage

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CAMPZ Crossed Luggage Strap applegreen applegreen
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Travel Luggage for Globetrotting and Weekend Getaways

Travel Luggage

Anyone who has ever experienced the stress of packing clothes into a too-small suitcase knows the importance of having proper travel luggage. Whether you need a bigger bag, something that’s easier to carry, or organisational gear to make packing easier, has you covered.

Travel Bags and Trolleys

The first place to start with upgrading your travel gear is to invest in a durable, spacious, and versatile travel bag or trolley.Travel duffel bags are the perfect choice for any trip because they offer a cavernous amount of space for your luggage. Unlike rigid hard-sided luggage, duffels give you a bit more room to expand or contract the volume as needed. Just make sure you get a bag that’s large enough to fit all your needs – it’s better to have a travel bag that’s a bit too big and can be compressed later than one thatdoesn’t offer enough volume.It’s important to think about how you plan to carry your travel bag. Most duffels simply offer straps, which are fine for short transits but don’t work all that well for long hauls. Backpack-style straps can be a big improvement, and some duffels are actually mounted on wheels to make them easy to roll around. Many trolley-style bags have external pockets that allow you to access important items quickly, similar to traditional rigid luggage.

Packing Organisers and Toiletry Bags

Most travel bags and trolleys just offer a single large compartment. That’s great if you want to throw all your stuff in together – but good luck finding that shirt you want later.Packing organisers solve this problem by allowing you to compartmentalise your clothes and other luggage items. These small bags are available in tons of different sizes to suit every need, and many come in multi-packs of multiple volumes. You can even find dry bags to help protect specific items in case your bag gets rained on or a bottle of liquids accidentally breaks.For your toiletries, there are specific toiletry bags that help you keep everythingorganised. Many of these small bags have numerous pockets for all of your travel-sized shampoos and toothpaste tubes, as well as integrated hangers, so yourtoiletries remain accessible in the bathroom of your lodging.

Travel Belts

Whether you’re travelling through the mountains or exploring a new city, a travel belt makes it easy to keep just the items you need close at hand throughout theday. Travel belts are lighter, smaller, and less conspicuous than most backpacks,which makes them an attractive alternative. Many belts are thoroughly padded, meaning you won’t get back from a long day with scratch marks around your hips.

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The best way to get all of the luggage you need for your next big adventure is to shop our wide selection at We carry hundreds of luggage bagsand trolleys that are suitable for everything from a weekend getaway to a month-long expedition. On top of that, our selection of organisers, toiletry bags, luggage fasteners, and travel belts can ensure that everything you pack is as streamlined as possible.