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Climbing shoes: for happy feet
Choosing climbing shoes isn't easy. On the one hand, they should fit as snugly as possible; on the other hand, you need them to be comfy otherwise, climbing becomes pretty painful! In the end, it all depends on the climber's ability and ambitions: for beginners, it's essential that the shoe fits tightly but doesn't pinch too much. The curvature of the sole should not be too pronounced. Climbing shoes bend downwards to allow you to really use your toes. For pros, this has enormous advantages, but it can cause unnecessary pain for beginners. There are also big differences in the sole. Softer rubber allows a good feel for the holds, and harder rubber has the advantage of increased power transmission.

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Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoes Women caspian caspian
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Great selection of climbing shoes on Addnature

limbing shoes are rather unique footwear and are not intended to last forever. Those who go climbing several times a week will tell you they consider themselves lucky if their climbing shoes survive a season. For beginners they can last considerably less time because professionals know how to use them carefully. For example, beginners scratch the rubber even more frequently along the wall.

Beginners are encouraged to buy reasonably priced climbing shoes without worrying about missing out on superior grip. Only with a good climbing technique are the advantages of the climbing shoes in the upper price classes obvious. The soles of climbing shoes are very thin and are intended to make the climber feel ‘close’ to mountain or wall. The sole, however, can vary in strength. Soft soles adapt better to a surface and create more friction. Harder soles relieve the muscles when climbing vertically or when navigating overhangs.

Climbing shoes

The right size for climbing shoes

The big question with climbing shoes is the size. The normal shoe size is only supposed to act as a guide. These kinds of shoes fit very, very tight. Beginners should therefore get used to the tight fit by starting one to two sizes bigger than the recommended size so as not to be put off. Mastering the correct technique when climbing in these shoes takes time and patience. The narrower and smaller the shoes become, the more the toes are exposed pressure when being used. The symmetry of the climbing shoe is important, particularly the asymetrical ‘kink’. For beginners, an asymmetrical shoe is very easy to climb with.

Top climbing shoe brands on

A large selection of climbing shoes are available at including shoes made by: Boreal, La Sportiva, Five Ten, Red Chili. As well as our selection of climbing shoes, we also stock all kinds of other footwear including hiking and mountaineering boots.

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