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Trangia - Made in Sweden
Trangia - Made in Sweden
Swedish company Trangia is probably one of the best-known manufacturers in the outdoor industry. And for good reason: Trangia fans the world over have been convinced by their functional and refined products. No tour should be without one of their light camping stoves.


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Trangia camping accessories

Trangia focuses on developing functional camping stoves and accessories that work in many different environments and conditions. Fusing modern technology and design, Trangia creates reliable and easy-to-use camping stoves in a variety of sizes and materials that can be combined with other complementary accessories. The brand understands the importance of having the right tools to hand to be able to cook good food during an excursion or expedition in order to eat well and conserve energy. With Trangia, you can cook delicious and nutritious food no matter where you are and enhance the enjoyment of the experience - as well as your performance.

Trangia stoves

Trangia represents experience, competence and contemporary design

Trangia is one of the best-known manufacturers of camping accessories and camping stoves. Founded in 1925 by John E. Johnsson, the business has passed through family generation to generation and has dominated the Swedish cooking industry since its inception. In the beginning, Trangia manufactured household pots made from aluminium, but during the 1930s, Trangia branched out to focus on the development of products specifically for camping. By the end of the 1930s, the Trangia family had innovated their first camping stove system – a compact, complete cooking system that burned liquid fuel efficiently.

Trangia throughout the years have contributed to countless new solutions on the market. The company is located in the mountains of Jämtland in the north of Sweden, which is the perfect inspiration and setting for its development team to research and test the products in some of the harshest conditions possible, to make sure they are up to the job. This has been a crucial factor in the design of their high-quality products, to make sure that they can withstand any kind of environment that customers may find themselves in.

Trangia also ensures that its products integrate the latest technology and design and places high importance on sustainability and the environment. Its production process is optimised according to its impact on the planet, even down to the water being completely purified before leaving the factory and keeping the packaging 100% recyclable.

Trangia – a kitchen for all conditions

On the website, there is everything from the portfolio of Trangia stoves, solutions and accessories that you could possibly need for your next camping adventure. Popular product categories in the range include:

  • Trangia stoves – Trangia’s selection of camping stoves are second to none, built to last even in harsh conditions, yet made from lightweight materials such as anodised aluminium, which is extremely durable and easy to clean. Available in a variety of colours as well as sizes that are ideal for different numbers of people, some systems also come with additional accessories, such as non-stick frying pans and pots, tongs and straps
  • Trangia camping accessories, such as lightweight aluminium saucepans and non-stick frying pans with foldable handles in different sizes. By integrating non-stick materials, the pans are easy to clean and there is no need to use cooking oil
  • There are also useful complementary products including plates and dishes, handles, kettles, lunchboxes and windbreaks to protect the flame on the stove from the wind and weather