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Running socks: for better comfort & performance
Perfectly fitting running socks are essential for carefree runs. If they don't fit your foot, bunch up or slip during running, chafing and blisters are inevitable. If this happens during training, you may have to take days off to recover. And, if it happens during a race the pain may become so unbearable that you have to give up alltogether! Here you’ll find a large selection of comfortable running socks that adapt perfectly to the anatomy of your foot, are equipped with protection where it’s needed the most and are made of functional materials that support effective moisture wicking. Don’t wait until the competition to try these out though – test them and your shoes during training. Then nothing will stand in your way of a successful finish!

Running Socks

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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Sealskinz Waterproof Warm Weather Mid Socks with Hydrostop navy blue/grey/red
Sealskinz Waterproof Warm Weather Mid Socks with Hydrostop navy blue/grey/red navy blue/grey/red
Waterproof Warm Weather Mid Socks with Hydrostop navy blue/grey/red
  • Versions: S | EU 36-38

Running Socks to Help You Go the Distance

Running Socks

If you’re a runner, you depend on your feet to hold up during all the miles you run each week. So, doesn’t it make sense to take the best care of them that you can?Running socks can reduce the wear and tear running puts on your feet andimprove your performance in the process. The right pair of running socks might not make you feel like you’re running on clouds, but it can mean the differencebetween running comfortably and running through miles of pain.

The Benefits of Running Socks

Ask any runner, and they’ll quickly start listing off all of the reasons they simply won’t run without a high-quality pair of socks on their feet. Running puts a huge amount of stress on your feet, and running socks are designed to counteract that.One of the most important functions that running socks provide is cushioning your feet. Running socks add to the padding in your shoes – helping prevent overuseinjuries in the many small muscles and tendons in your feet that you bounce on with every step. Often running socks also offer extra padding in the spots that are especially prone to injury.Many runners also swear by socks because they dramatically reduce the frequency of blisters. Socks soak up moisture and help dissipate heat, both of which areimportant elements of blister formation. If you find that you get blisters from your toes running together, you can even get running socks with individual toe pockets to prevent skin from rubbing on skin.

How to Choose Running Socks

The main thing you need to think about when selecting a pair of running socks is comfort. What design features will be most comfortable for you and your style of running? Keep that in mind as we look at some of the common features that differentiate running socks.


Running socks come in a variety of different materials. Synthetic blends like polyester are common because these fabrics do a very good job of wicking moisture away from your feet. Some runners prefer wool running socks because they help regulate the temperature inside your shoe – and don’t smell as bad after your run! Stay away from cotton socks, as these will soak up moisture and increasethe likelihood that you’ll develop blisters.

Thickness and Padding

How thick you want your running socks to be comes down to how much padding you need. Some running socks are very thin so that you can feel the road or trail under your feet. Others are heavily padded to protect your feet from stress. If youlike the feel of a thin running sock but need more protection, look for socks that have added padding only around the areas of your foot that strike the ground witheach stride.


Running socks can be cut around the ankles, halfway up your calves, or around your knees. Which length is best for you comes down to your personal preference. Many track and road runners like low cut running socks, while trail runners may prefer mid-cut or knee-length running socks to help protect against branches and undergrowth.

Running Socks at

Finding the right pair of running socks should be easy, and at it is. We carry nearly 400 pairs of running socks to suit every athlete. Plus, we offer simple filters so you can quickly hone in on the pair that’s right for your feet.