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Kayaks & canoes: off to the river!
Versions of kayaks and canoes have existed for thousands of years. While these original boats were usually carved out of a large piece of wood (so-called dugout canoes), modern models can be folded or inflated. For the boats, this means small pack size, low weight, and uncomplicated, quick assembly. Kayaks are usually designed for one person, are steered with a double paddle and are largely enclosed. This means that as little water as possible gets into the inside of the boat, which makes them ideal for faster and wilder waters! On the other hand, canoes are classic paddle boats for one or more people, steered with single-bladed paddles. They have a completely open upper deck and offer plenty of storage space. We offer a wide variety of models – from small and maneuverable single-seaters to fast and stable four-seaters.

Kayaks & Canoes

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Kayaks and Canoes on Addnature

Kayaks and canoes offer an excellent way of having an adventure while keeping fit. They also present a rewarding way of escaping those overcrowded gyms. But with advancements in technology, choosing the type of kayaks or canoes that suit you best may become pretty challenging. Here’s everything there is to know about dugouts and piraguas.

Kayaks & Canoes

The Difference Between Kayaks & Canoes

Before you decide whether kayaks or canoes are the best option for you, it’s wise to know the difference between these two vessels. Canoes are open vessels where you sit or kneel inside. You’ll use a single-bladed paddle to push yourself through the water. On the other hand, kayaks are enclosed, and you’ll have to extend your legs in front of you when you sit inside.

Unlike in canoes, sea kayaks need a double-sided paddle to move through the water. In terms of purpose, kayaks such as the Triton Advanced kayak are favourable for competitive conditions. The Triton Advanced has a UV-stable skin and aluminum frames.

On the flip side, you can use canoes such popular manufacturer Grabner to meander through the water on a warm summer day. These outlets are perfect for expedition travellers, where more mounting options are needed. Their Adventure Expedition unit also makes a good sailboat and offers great comfort

Another difference between sea kayaks and canoes is in the design. Typically, canoes have an open deck where you can pack your snacks easily into them. But Kayaks have a closed vent, which offers more secure seating.

You can effectively use sea kayaks for sports activities on lakes and the ocean. They have a closed deck but can incorporate a spray deck. Sea kayaks can also accommodate up to three paddlers and still leave room for food, water, camping gear, and other supplies.

Tips on Buying Kayaks or Canoes

When you want to purchase either used or brand-new sea kayaks and canoes, you need to consider certain factors before hitting the purchase button.

Overhead View of Kayaks & Canoes

The top-down view of canoes and sea kayaks show the ratio between the length and width. Usually, long and narrowboats will move faster but offer considerably less stability. Shorter and wider boats will move slower and more stable, and thus, they’re the best sea kayaks or canoes for recreational purposes.

Sea kayaks that are wider at the front will ride and deflect waves better. The narrow ones can cut through the waves faster but can get you wet, especially in an ocean or sea.

Profile: Sea Kayaks & Canoes

Take your time to look at the sea kayaks from the side carefully. Let’s say they’re sitting on the floor, does the entire length of the hull cover the floor or only the middle part? If it’s covering the floor, it will track straighter hence you won’t have to put much effort to make it move in a straight line. Through the profile, you may also know the depth of the kayaks.

A Kayaks or Canoes Construction Material

Generally, your canoes or kayaks material plays a significant role in determining the durability, weight, and boat cost. Manufacturers use a wide range of materials when constructing sea kayaks, each with its pros and cons. Try to narrow down the factors that may influence your purchase. This way, it would be easier for you to select the material that’s suitable for you.

Final Remark

So now that you know the difference between sea kayaks and piraguas, you’ll be in a better position to choose what you want. Keep in mind that this is a personal decision, and you’re the only one who is qualified enough to make it. If you’re looking for an extensive range of canoes and sea kayaks, Addnature is the place to be. Be sure to also consider safety first and also consider the purchase and usage of a Life Jacket and Helmet when planning your Kayak or Canoe based adventure

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