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Norrøna: innovative, functional clothing and accessories

When nature calls, Norrøna listens and follows its call. Whether it’s the snow-capped mountains, rugged terrains and calm fjords you wish to conquer, Norrøna helps you forge on. Since 1929, they have provided explorers in the Arctic and beyond with sustainable outdoor gear, to help them experience the wonders of nature.

Norrøna clothing

History of Norrøna

Norrøna dates back to 1929 where a Jørgen Jørgensen, an outdoor enthusiast began his search for quality outdoor apparel equipment for the harsh Norway landscapes. He ventured into the production of equipment at the J.J Norrøna Sporting goods and leather factory.

Since then, the company has been passed through generations of explorers who continue to push the limits in product development. Every CEO carries in their blood, the spirit and love for the outdoors. Therefore, each product is designed and tested according to user experience.

Besides the production of apparel, they also focus on producing tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and equipment for hiking, mountaineering, hunting, and skiing.

Where Is Norrøna Located?

They are headquartered in Lysaker, Oslo in Norway. They also have several Norrøna outlets across the world. In each office, they have a dedicated service centre where they provide repair services for their customers. They also stock their products in online stores to ensure that all customers have access to their products.

What Are Norrøna Products?

They love outdoor adventures and aim to satisfy outdoor enthusiasts in need of high-quality clothing and equipment. Whether you’re venturing into the snow, water, or rocks, they have the right gear for you. The range of Norrøna jackets, pants, underwear, provide adequate protection during skiing, hiking, mountaineering, biking.

Norrøna range of outdoor equipment also provides quality and reliable items for all outdoor adventures. They have tents for the harshest Arctic weather, sleeping bags to survive icy weather, hiking backpacks to carry all necessary items, and camp furniture to help you set up for the evening.

What Do I Need To Know About The Material?

Each product material is selected with user experience and function in mind. Within the three years of product creation, they ensure that they engineer their apparel and equipment to fulfil user needs while maintaining a minimalistic design.

The materials used are friendly to the skin, and environment, and are also sourced ethically. Their products are made of microfiber, recycled fibres to reduce their carbon footprint, and organic cotton produced according to required standards. For animal products such as wool, down and leather, they work with suppliers that ensure the humane treatment of animals.

In their commitment to environmental protection, they have faced out all long-chain fluorocarbons in their apparel and equipment. They are also currently heavily invested in research to phase out short-chain fluorocarbon by developing durable and functional alternatives.

What Are Their Values?

They focus on sustainability in their production chain. With this value system, they ensure that every customer enjoys maximum value for their products. They believe in reduce, repair, reuse, remake and recycle. Any customer with tears on Norrøna jackets and other apparel can contact a Norrøna outlet for repair and service.