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Running Headgear

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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
La Sportiva Mountain Headband green banana/forest
La Sportiva Mountain Headband green banana/forest green banana/forest
La Sportiva
Mountain Headband green banana/forest
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Running headgear

Why should I have headwear on while running?

Running headgear is important to protect you against the temperature. However, what type of headwear is suitable for you depends on your location. In warmer weather, wearing a running cap wicks moisture from your head ultimately keeping you cool by evaporating sweat. It will protect you against the cold wind. Hats also aid in keeping sweat out of your eyes. Wearing a hat is one of the greatest ways to stay cool no matter what time or place you opt for jogging.

How to find the best headwear for you?

Choosing a hat or headwear is the tricky part even if you feel like it is a small accessory. It's worth doing your homework to find the best hat for you. This will include knowing the type of environment in which you typically run. Knowing your environment will help you choose the right kind of headgear for your run. You also need to think about the durability of the hat you buy. Are you willing to pay a bit more for higher quality? Or do you just want a simple cap. Here at Addnature we have a full range to choose from.

Criteria when looking for headwear:

Shape and Aerodynamics:

When it comes to hats, most runners don't consider aerodynamics as important. In most circumstances, it would only make a minor difference in effort. But it is crucial for serious athletes.


Adjusting your cap according to the size of your head keeps it from falling in between the run. Most of our hats are adjustable, but check the details to be sure.


You might think flexibility in a hat doesn't matter much, but it does. Especially if you are packing light or don’t have much space left in your luggage for the headwear. Choose a hat that you can fold in a smaller, yet adjustable size. However, hats that are too flexible can lose their shape and purpose. Which makes them ineffective at keeping rain or sun off your face.

Breathability and Moisture:

An important aspect in choosing any hat, breathability is necessary order to maintain the right body temperature and comfort. You're bound to sweat when you go for a run in any weather. You don't want to overheat, so you should consider a hat with heat and moisture management. Check out our full range to find the hat for you.