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Swimrun wetsuits – vital gear for amphibian fun
Comprised of trail running and open-water swimming, swimrun, possibly the newest endurance sport, has been gaining popularity since the early 2000s. Swimming in open water is significantly more challenging than swimming in a pool, so it’s worth equipping yourself with appropriate equipment. The absolute must-have is a tight-fitting wetsuit that keeps the body warm during swimming but at the same time can be worn during the running stages. In addition to its warming properties, a wetsuit made of neoprene improves speed in the water, and the flexibility of swimrun wetsuits makes for a more comfortable run.

Swimrun wetsuits

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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Head Swimrun Race,5 Wetsuit Men black/brasil
Head Swimrun Race,5 Wetsuit Men black/brasil black/brasil
Swimrun Race,5 Wetsuit Men black/brasil
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Swimrun Wetsuits

Whether you are looking for a swimrun wetsuit for training or simply for the odd dip, we offer you the best outdoor, sporting and adventure wear available. No matter the water temperatures, we have everything you need.

Swimrun wetsuits

Here at Addnature, we understand the importance of high-quality and durable performance clothing. From full wetsuits to short suits, we can provide you with the right gear for your activity. So, check out the extensive range on our site today.

Making the right choice

Having the right wetsuit is paramount to ensure your safety and comfort. Choose a wetsuit that is as close-fitting as possible. All our swimrun wetsuits are made from high-quality products that provide greater comfort and freedom of movement. This is where we can help you find the right gear.

We offer a vast selection of swimrun wetsuits for you. Apart from being perfect for all seasons, our wetsuits come in an array of different models. Designed with speed and agility in mind, they have zips at the front and the back, thus making it easier to slip in or out of them.

Optimising your performance

Indeed, if you are buying a swimrun wetsuit for competing, the timing factor will be decisive for winning or losing a race. In fact, the ideal wetsuit will protect you from the cold and promote mobility, thus leading to better times.

All our swimrun suits offer thermal insulation for extra warmth when swimming in colder waters. In fact, thanks to the insulating effect of neoprene, your body remains protected from hypothermia and, as a result, mobility and muscle function work in the best possible way, leading to better motor skills.

Swimrun accessories

Apart from having the perfect swimrun suit, you may also need some accessories to tackle the chilly waters. Along with a swimming cap and nose clip, goggles are among the most important accessories while swimming. Here you can find a vast array of goggles.

Swimrun items such as neoprene socks and gloves can also provide you with the extra layer you need when you're out in the open sea or cold water. Thermal and well-sealed, they keep you exceptionally warm, therefore enhancing your overall performance.

Calf-warmers and arm-warmers are also wonderful accessories to add to your gear. Much like the gloves and socks, they offer warmth and protection when you need it most. Within our range of swimming accessories, we cater for all your needs.

Running items

Runners can also find everything they need at Addnature. So, whether you're after a pair of trail running shoes, running shorts or special headgear for long-distance runs, you'll find it all right here.

Our collection of road running shoes and trail shoes vary in their design. Trail shoes come with thicker soles for rock, gravel and sand terrains, whereas road shoes offer a sleeker and more streamlined look. Indeed, the lighter overall design offers you support without the bulkiness.

Remember to check out our extensive selection of running jackets and shorts to complete your running kit.