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Swim Goggles

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Swimming Goggles for Performance and Comfort

Swimming Goggles

If you’ve ever suffered through a swim with a poor pair of goggles, you know how important getting the right pair of goggles can be. Swimming goggles need to suction tightly around your eyes to keep water out, yet not so tightly that you feel like your face is being squeezed in pain. Thankfully, here at we offer a wide variety of goggles that blend performance and comfort. With the right pair of goggles to fit every swimmer, we can help you swim your best.

Types of Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles can be broken down into a few different categories:

  • Competition goggles offer a tight fit, technical design and low profile to help you move swiftly through the water on race days. The lenses of racing goggles are often quite close to your eyes, which can make them somewhat uncomfortable for everyday practice.
  • Practice goggles are a scaled-back version of competition goggles. They tend to be more comfortable for everyday use during long swim sessions thanks to the addition of extra rubber around the frames.
  • Recreational goggles are perfect for swimmers on a budget. Recreational goggles tend to have even larger frames than practice goggles, but often don’t have an anti-fog coating on the inside of the lenses to keep your vision clear.
  • Swimming masks offer a large frame that covers part of your cheeks and forehead in addition to your eyes. The expanded design of swimming masks makes them extremely comfortable for recreational swimming, although many lap swimmers don’t like the bulky frames.

Goggle Lenses

In addition to the design of the frames, swimming goggles vary in the types of lenses they use. Some lenses let light in, while others keep it out, so it’s important to think about where you’ll be swimming and what the lighting conditions are likely to be. Metallic and mirrored lenses are designed to act like sunglasses in the pool. They dim the light substantially, making them perfect for bright outdoor swims. However, if you swim inside in a poorly lit pool, these lenses may be too dark. Clear and coloured lenses, on the other hand, are perfect for indoor swimming. Clear lenses let the most light in, while orange, green and purple lenses make everything appear brighter and add contrast so you can see better.

Special Features

Goggle manufacturers also apply special coatings to lenses to help you see better in the water.

  • Polarised lenses reduce glare on the water, which can be a major problem during bright outdoor swims.
  • Anti-fog coating is almost universally recommended for lap swimming and for recreational swimming. Keep in mind that not all anti-fog coatings are made equally – the anti-fog coatings in budget goggles tends to wear off more quickly.
  • UV protection is recommended if you are swimming outside and comes standard on most polarised goggles. A UV-resistant coating helps protect your eyes from being burned by the sun.

Swimming Goggles at

The easiest way to find the perfect pair of swimming goggles for your pool time is to shop our wide selection at Our filters make it simple to find the perfect goggles and lenses for your swim and we carry goggles from major manufacturers like Speedo, Arena, and TYR. Plus, we offer flexible shipping options and a 100-day return policy for all swimming goggles.