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Garmin GPS navigation & watches

Track all of your movements, runs and rides with a Garmin GPS system. These sleek, technologically advanced devices are engineered to help you to drive yourself further. Discover the best way to get to where you need to go with Garmin’s highly functional mobile navigation devices that not only show you where to go but also track your activity and monitor your favourite performance data, including heart rate, steps and quality of sleep.

Garmin watch

World-famous GPS and fitness tracking brand Garmin

The world-famous brand, Garmin, devises industry-leading GPS navigation and wearable technology to support the aviation, outdoor and fitness, marine and automotive industries. A global leader in its field, with Garmin innovations by your side, you can be sure that you have the highest level in design, quality and value as well as the latest technology. Founded in 1989 in Kansas, the company was named Garmin in honour of its two founding partners, Gary Burrell and Min Kao. Their first product was a GPS unit and the US Army became their first customer. By the mid 1990s, the company was producing millions of GPS devices and selling their products all over the world. As its products started out as military equipment, the brand was renowned for its incredible reliability and pinpoint precision. In the following years, the brand began to also manufacture navigation devices and GPS navigation software programmes for laptops and mobiles for worldwide consumer use, as well as a range of smart watches, sports watches and fitness trackers aimed for outdoor sports and leisure activities, such as water sports, running, cycling and swimming.

Choose Garmin products and go further on your adventure

On the website, you can choose from a comprehensive selection of navigational devices, fitness trackers, watches and accessories with the following characteristics:

  • Garmin watch – the brand’s stylish and wearable technology is ideal for athletes and adventurers and also includes watches and smartwatches with features that enable you to train more efficiently, measure your progress and keep you informed of all the performance data you could need, including heart rate, activity profiles, time, speed and distance travelled. Receive notifications, emails, texts and alerts on your phone, download training programmes and connect with other people so you can share your progress with friends and family
  • Garmin GPS devices and bike computers are designed to help you to ride faster and for longer, beat yesterday’s goal and monitor your performance with the Garmin bike computer. With characteristics such as the ability to track your speed, heart rate and other crucial performance data, such as measuring your pedal power and analysing your progress, as well as round trip routing customised to your requirements, the Garmin navigation devices and bike computers put everything you need at your fingertips for a peak performance ride
  • Garmin activity tracker – optimise your training by tracking your fitness levels to help you train more efficiently. They can also be used to record your daily activities, steps, goals, calories, floors and sleeping behaviour