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Wool Jackets: Natural insulation
A wool or wool-lined jacket can be worn as an extra layer under a weather-repellent hardshell to fully exploit wool’s natural qualities – or it makes an ideal outer layer in warmer temperatures. Thanks to the great insulating properties of wool and its unique ability to keep warmth even when wet, a wool jacket works well for much more than just everyday clothing.

Wool Jackets

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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Maloja GlenaM. Alp Wool Jacket Women powder
Maloja GlenaM. Alp Wool Jacket Women powder powder
GlenaM. Alp Wool Jacket Women powder
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Aclima ReBorn Terry Jacket Men dark grey melange
Aclima ReBorn Terry Jacket Men dark grey melange dark grey melange
ReBorn Terry Jacket Men dark grey melange
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Wool Jackets

A wool jacket can be your companion for a variety of adventures and day-to-day activities. It offers the wearer all-season warmth and freedom of movement whether cycling, running, hiking or exploring.

 Wool Jackets

At Addnature, we offer a variety of jackets for men, women and children — some are 100% pure wool jackets, some a wool blend and others are synthetic, for those who don't want to wear wool for ethical or allergenic reasons.

These come in a wide variety of styles for you to choose from. For instance, our wool fleece jackets and hoodies are generally suited to colder climates. Whilst our wool-blend jackets are great for summer evenings as well as forming part of your winter layers.

Jacket brands range here at Addnature

Our Mammut jackets for women are a great choice as they're just as at home on a city street as on a mountain trail. As a brand, they team quality materials with stylish designs to create durable and wearable jackets with a fashionable edge. If you're after a knit-look jacket or hoodie without the use of actual wool, these are a brilliant choice.

Patagonia insulated organic cotton jackets for men are ideal as a mid or outer layer, depending on the season. They have chest pockets and a classic cut, making them a solid choice for a variety of temperatures in a range of environments. Patagonia jackets are a real favourite amongst adventurers and sportspeople.

Sherpa jackets draw on inspiration from Nepal for their range of jackets. Their Lumbini full-zip hoodies for women and men are made from polyester. Available in lovely designs in muted colour combinations they offer all-year-round wearing possibilities.

Real wool and hybrid jackets

However, if you're after real wool jackets you'll love the Aclima DoubleWool Jacket. It's comprised of two layers and works as a base-layer or a mid-layer depending on the season. The jacket's inner layer is made of merino wool and polyamide, whilst the outer layer is 100% merino wool. Some great features of merino clothing include:

  • It's extremely insulating keeping you warm
  • It's durable and long-lasting
  • It provides good aeration and moisture balance, keeping you warm and dry at the same time.

For rain jackets, look at Tatonka Parkas, which offer a lavalan wool insulating layer coupled with a water-repellant waxed cotton-blend outer.

You may be looking for mid-season or hybrid fabric jackets for a transitional jacket as the season's change. Addnature has a variety of wool jackets that are wind resistant and comfortable, allowing you to stay warm but not sweat too much if partaking in strenuous activities.

Ski jackets

Never has a good jacket been more important than whilst you're skiing. You may want to consider having several jacket layers such as fleecy mid-layers teamed with waterproof outer. That way, when you start to get hot and the sun comes out in the middle of your ski, you can shed your waterproof layer to stay cool.

Whatever the activities you partake in or even if you just want an everyday jacket, at Addnature we have something for you. Use the different categories to browse sizes, styles, brands and colours.