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Hammocks: For camping trips & garden relaxation
In Central and South America, people often sleep in a hammock all-year round. But for Europeans (in the warmer months) hammocks offer a comfortable way to read and relax, or to sleep under the open sky in our gardens or our balconies. At Addnature, you'll find a wide variety of hammocks for one, two or more people, in different colours and fabrics. Compared to a traditional bed, sleeping in a hammock has many advantages: the slow, rocking movement helps you fall asleep faster and slumber better. With the right equipment (2 trees, poles, etc.) it can be set up and taken down quickly. It's also usually cheaper than a bed, bedbug or dustmite-free and gentle on your back.


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Hammocks & Hammock Stands at Addnature

Sling beds made from fabric have been used by many cultures for millennia, although we get our word for hammocks from the Awarak, ‘hamaka’. Hammocks have been used throughout history for their practicality, especially among sailors and nomads. Today they can be really easy to put up using a hammock stand or suspended in the traditional way. At Addnature, our extensive hammocks collection caters for every need, from travel hammocks for those on-the-go, to single and double hammocks, perfect for chilling out in the garden. With single hammocks, double hammocks and travel hammocks from leading outdoor brands, as well as hammock stand options and accessories, our extensive range has everything you need. Popular brands include Amazonas Hammocks and Cocoon Hammocks

Relaxing Hammocks

Travel hammocks & traditional hammocks

Travel hammocks are the perfect accompaniment for trekkers, anglers and even campers. Whether you want something that can provide you with a bed for the night, or just an relaxing addition to a family camp, there’s no finer way to snooze than suspended in one of our travel hammocks. We even stock specialist travel hammocks with built-in features such as mosquito nets or a handy gear sling. Many travel hammocks are made with ultra-lightweight, durable material, as well as boasting features such as YKK zippers and carry bags. Our range also includes a number of options inspired by traditional South-American designs. This includes examples woven with bright cottons into striking striped patterns or bold single-colour designs. Traditional designs are available as both single hammocks and double hammocks. Some traditional options can be suspended from a hammock stand too.

Quality hammocks

Every sling bed in our collection and every hammock stand, is made with the utmost craftsmanship and quality materials. We stock hammocks from outdoor specialists or traditional manufacturers, who guarantee the highest of quality in their production process. Whether you're looking for single hammocks, such as travel hammocks with high-end technical fabrics, or for traditional double hammocks with a robust woven design, all of our hammocks are of the highest standard.

Single hammocks, double hammocks & hammock stand options

Whether you want your hammock all to yourself or you’re hoping to share it with another, we have the perfect choice. Our hammocks range includes several single hammocks and double hammocks. Single hammocks are the ideal choice for those who want something compact, whilst our range of double hammocks are great for couples or even families. If you find yourself without the correctly distanced trees to hand, never fear, because we also sell a choice of hammock stand options, perfect for both single hammocks and double hammocks. We also stock suspension kits with straps, clips and rope, all in a handy carry kit, or available to buy as separates. A suspension kit or hammock stand can be used to make a sling bed with your own fabric/tarpaulin, perfect for emergencies or as a problem-solving activity.

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