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Carinthia - We keep you warm
Carinthia - we keep you warm
Under the motto 'we keep you warm', the Austrian company have been producing and selling high-quality sleeping bags for all kinds of outdoor activity since 1948. Carinthia have utilised their vast wealth of experience to develop products that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.


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Carinthia — all about performance

Carinthia has been pursuing one goal over the years. It has taken every step for the development of innovative insulated equipment and clothing. Therefore, the company offers products designed by professionals for professionals. The brand produces all its products in Europe. Even more, the brand offers products for the military and outdoor sectors. And the company, which has over 70 years of experience, sells its products all over the world.

Carinthia Outdoor Gear

Carinthia professional products

The Carinthia products do not offer only protection and security — they keep you safe in the most dangerous situations. This is why soldiers, hunters, and policemen use the brand's professional clothing and equipment. In this line of products, you can find tactical and survival gear. To those, you can add Carinthia sleeping bags and sleeping mats as well.

This category has been awarded various accolades over the years. The products incorporate G-LOFT insulation fibre, which is unbeatable in terms of insulation and weight. The company's sleeping bags range from lightweight summer sleeping bags to expedition sleeping bags. You can read more about these in the Addnature sleeping mat guide, or you can check the products this brand has to offer on the dedicated page.

Additionally, Carinthia professional products cover you against wind and water, while ensuring that moisture stays away from your body. From trousers to Carinthia jackets, you can rest assured that you can get everything you need to have a safe experience. Even more, in the same line of products, you can find all the accessories you need for an encounter with wildlife:

  • booties
  • suspenders
  • tent poles
  • pack sacks
  • liners.

Hunting and wildlife items

As is known, Loden is a natural product with a very old tradition. Farmers from the Alpine region first created this product. With the passing of the years, it has become a piece of clothing that is used all over the world. Carinthia keeps the production method developed in the past, and the company uses only South Tyrolean Premium Loden that has high quality. These products resist all weather conditions you can imagine.

You can thus enjoy products that have unique warmth-to-weight ratios as they integrate the G-Loft Premium Insulation Fiber. With this brand, you can find all the hunting apparel you need. Jackets and trousers combine high-quality materials to become some of the best you can find on the market.

Furthermore, Carinthia offers products for people who are new to the wildlife experience, and to professional hunters as well — because these are the people who secure the protection of natural habitats.

Limited editions

Beyond these products mentioned before, Carinthia offers Limited Edition products uniting advanced technologies. From running jackets to trousers, with Carinthia, you can get products of a quality that will amaze you. The technologies used by this brand keep you safe and secure while being warm inside. Even more, the Limited Edition products use the technologies that made the brand famous. So, this way, the company creates a perfect experience for all those trying these products.