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Robens - Pure Outdoor Passion

Robens develops specialised products for all your outdoor adventures. The award-winning Danish brand specialises in camping accessories, especially tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and cooking utensils. Each product is extensively tested and made with passion and attention to detail, so you can focus on what's important: having fun in the great outdoors.

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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Robens Iceshield 75 Mat ocean blue
Robens Iceshield 75 Mat ocean blue ocean blue
Iceshield 75 Mat ocean blue
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Robens Outdoor Collection

About Robens

Robens is an award-winning brand specializing in a portfolio of products for outdoor living. We have a passion for outdoor adventure; hence our collection meets the precise needs of all customers. Purchase hardy Robens camping equipment from our store.

Robens outdoor chair

Which Are the Categories of Robens Tents?

Visit our e-shop for all types of tents you need. Robens tents range from one-person tents to four-person tents. Here is the list of some Robens tents:

  • Family tents
  • Dome tents
  • Tipi tents
  • Inflatable tents
  • Kitchen tents
  • Popup tents
  • Canadian tents
  • Tunnel tents

Compare the prices of numerous varieties of Robens tents and pick one that is appealing to you. Buy tents and the necessary attachments including pegs, poles, ropes and tools. The accompanying tent accessories include awnings, vestibules, and footprints. Need more Robens camping equipment? The tarps, bivy bags, windbags and pavilions are also available.

Robens Camping Equipment

Apart from tents, you need other items to make your adventure complete. Buy high-performance Robens camping equipment. Mention it and get it from this vast assortment:

  • Hiking equipment – Backpacks and poles.
  • Camp kitchen – We sell culinary Robens camping equipment such as pots & pans, stoves & grills, foldable baskets, bowls & plates, coffee & tea makers, coolers and many more.
  • Sleeping bags and mats - Robens camping equipment includes the under -10 degrees to above zero degrees sleeping bags, synthetic sleeping bags and liners.
  • Camp furniture – Buy ideal beds, chairs, tables, transport boxes and hammocks for your camping expedition.
  • Outdoor food – We got it all for you, from energy supplements to vegetarian cuisines and dry & frozen dishes, replenish your package.
  • Water bottles and hydration – Bottles, flasks, bladders and water purifiers are available at
  • Hygiene & health package – First aid kits, sun protection, insect protection, body care, Microfibre towels and camping shower.

Are There Other Robens Products?

  • Climbing gear and accessories – Robens camping equipment is accompanied by climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk & crashpads, gloves, carabiners, anchors, protective attire, and much more.
  • Cycling package – Robens provides a massive selection of bike trailers, bags, helmets, helmet lamps, light sets, locks and pumps.
  • Robens paddling equipment – Get paddles, kayaks & canoes, inflatable boats, dry bags, life jackets, clothing and footwear.
  • Robens travel package – Luggage, towels, blankets, cushions, umbrellas, mosquito nets and sleeping masks are among the essential Robens camping equipment.
  • Winter sports gear – Robens supplies ski helmets, ski clothing, snowshoes, touring poles, avalanche gear and back protectors.
  • General clothing – Consider Robens for stylish dresses & skirts, jackets and vests, base layers and underwear, pants and shorts, socks, overalls and rainwear.
  • Robens footwear – It includes casual shoes, sports shoes, hiking boots and shoe accessories.
  • Robens slacklining sets and accessories
  • SUP boards and paddles
  • Robens Swimming suits, goggles, caps, fins and floating devices
  • Yoga clothing and equipment


Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Robens is a reliable partner for all outdoor stuff. Robens camping equipment offers you value for money. Buy durable Robens tents. One merit of shopping with us is that you will get an all-inclusive package of all the attires and equipment you require. Go outdoor in style, well-equipped with Robens camping equipment for action.