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Gregory Targhee 32 Backpack lava red lava red
Targhee 32 Backpack lava red
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Ski Backpacks

Every skier knows that the more prepared you are for your day on the slopes, the more you'll get out of it. When you're well-hydrated and have enough layers, you'll be able to ski for longer and be prepared for quick changes in conditions. Essential ski gear definitely involves more than just boots, skis and poles, which is why many skiers choose to take a compact bag with them onto the slopes. This can be used to carry essential items such as snacks, energy gels or even extra layers. The specific kit that you need will depend on the ski or snowboarding sessions you'll be doing.

Get your Ski backpacks at Addnature

At Addnature, we stock a variety of ski backpacks that are perfectly suited to a skiing adventure. You'll find a range of different sizes and styles from some of the best brands out there. As well as size and style, you'll also find something that matches your needs at an affordable price.

What to look for in a ski backpack

A ski backpack is ideally fairly compact unless you're doing more complicated off-piste multi-day skiing where you'll need much more gear. Some recommended features for the perfect ski rucksack include:

  • Suitable aeration and padding on the back
  • Hydration bladder for simple water consumption
  • Reflective elements for visibility in low-light conditions
  • Pole holder
  • Easy to open

Some of the best backpack designs offer a vest-style shape that moulds well to the body and ensures a comfortable all-day fit on the slopes. Mammut backpacks are moulded with optional belts around the hips and shoulders. This support holds the bag closer to your frame, allowing you more freedom of movement during your ski session.

Other recommended features for a suitable backpack are various attachment straps on the outside. This way, if you want to walk hands-free without your skis you can attach them comfortably to your bag. Many Deuter backpacks offer this very smart function.

Other gear considerations

When you're out on the slopes it's really important that you have all the right winter sport equipment in your possession. With the help of a ski rucksack, you can ensure that you've got everything that you'll need easily to hand.

Even if the sun is shining when you head out, it doesn't mean the weather can't quickly turn. You don't want to find yourself in a cold blizzard without sufficient warm clothing. Hybrid jackets are a key item to bring as they're brilliantly light and adaptable.

Worn zipped up with their hoods up they can help to protect you against the worst weather. Fleece trousers and good-quality snow shoes are some of the other clothing items that you may want to have, especially if you plan on hiking in the snow. Keeping a variety of layers close by is essential for your safety and comfort.

So whether you're looking for a smaller hydration pack backpack for shorter ski trips or a bigger backpack to hold a greater range of kit, here at Addnature we have many options to accompany you onto the snowy slopes!