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2-person tents – Perfectly proportioned for 2
Spending the night in the great outdoors is a special experience – and one that's nice to share. Two-person tents offer enough space for two people to sleep and store their equipment. They offer campers protection from wind and weather, keep insects out and ensure it doesn't get too stuffy with ventilation openings. Spacious models give plenty of space and comfort but are also somewhat heavier – with a larger pack size. Ultralight and compact two-person tents are particularly interesting if you need to carry your tent and equipment in a rucksack for longer periods. Modern materials mean even these more spartan versions offer comfortable shelter.

2 Person Tents

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2 Person Tents for Trekking and Mountaineering

2 Person Tents

2-person tents are the universal standard amongst backpackers. They provide enough room for you, a partner and your gear, without any extra weight to hold you back on your adventures.These small tents are also highly versatile for a wide range of trips. While they may not be big enough for camping with the entire family, it’s easy to set two 2-person tents next to one another to provide all the sleeping space you need. Plus, you can easily use a lightweight 2 man tent designed for trekking for all of your car camping trips as well.

Igloo Tents vs. Tunnel Tents

Within the world of 2 person tents, there are two competing designs. Igloo tents are the standard dome-shaped tents favoured by many trekkers and mountaineers. They are typically freestanding, which makes them simple to put up and means that you don’t have to worry about guying them out when the weather is forgiving.But, many backpackers prefer tunnel tents because they utilise space more efficiently. These tents have nearly vertical walls, so you get more livable space for the same amount of weight as a standard 2-person igloo tent. The downside to tunnel tents is that you have to guy them out for them to stand properly and they catch a significant amount of wind. As a result, tunnel tents are less favourable in alpine areas where there are few trees to guy out your tent to and winds tend to be high.

Choosing the Right 2-Person Tent


Ultimately, every 2-person tent represents a compromise between weight, space,and durability. The lightest tents for two weigh under one kilogramme, although there are many more tent designs available in the two to four kilogramme weight range.Typically, heavier tents will be made with thicker, more durable fabrics that can stand up to abuse from the elements and your pack. Adding space to the interior of the tent or adding zippers for a second door also necessitates using more fabric, which adds to the weight of your tent.When considering 2-person tent weights, it’s important to think about how you plan to use your tent. If you are expecting to take on extremely long days in themountains, having an ultralight tent may be essential. Otherwise, you may be able to save money and get a tent that will last longer or feel more comfortable by taking on a small amount of extra weight.


2 person tents vary in whether they offer one or two apses. The advantage to having two apses is that you and your partner can each enjoy a separate space for your gear. In addition, if there are two doors, you can get out of the tent without having to step over your partner in the night. On the other hand, separating the tent’s covered space into two apses may reduce the total amount of usable area for storing gear and moving around.

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