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Meru - The Origin of Nature
In mythology, the Indian mountain of Meru forms the centre of the universe and is the residence of the gods. The outdoor brand Meru also stands for the origin of nature and is a symbol of wanderlust. The label provides inexpensive, quality clothing and equipment for a variety of outdoor adventures. All products are designed and developed by outdoor experts. Whether it's a summer hike or skiing in the Alps - Meru's got the right equipment!


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Affordable Meru Hiking and Climbing Apparel


Outdoor apparel brand Meru is making waves amongst the hiking and climbing communities by offering high-quality clothing at prices that won’t break the bank. All the company’s gear is designed by experienced outdoor designers, but Meru doesn’t put the same emphasis on pushing boundaries as other premium outdoor clothing companies. Instead, Meru focuses on making the outdoors more accessible by offering performance apparel and stylish leisure wear at affordable prices.

Meru Jackets for Any Adventure

Meru produces a huge range of adventure jackets that are just as at home on a city footpath as on a trail in the mountains. The company’s bright colours and stylish patterns allow Meru’s synthetic jackets to instantly stand out. Meanwhile, simple one-layer designs make Meru jackets highly breathable when you’re exerting energy on the uphill and attention to details like drawstring hoods, adjustable hems and chin protection on the front zipper ensure that you’ll love wearing your jacket no matter what the conditions throw at you. Meru down and hybrid jackets offer impressive warmth for the price. Plus, these jackets come with much-needed features like down hoods and hand warming pockets so that you can easily dial in your comfort as the mercury drops.

Meru Fleeces and Shirts for Layering

Meru also makes a wide range of base and midlayers in the form of comfortable fleeces, shirts and tops. Meru fleeces are sewn to offer the utmost comfort next to your skin, with a soft and fuzzy interior. Meanwhile, the exterior is built to battle the elements with water-repellent fabric, adjustable hoods and protected hand pockets. Fleeces from Meru are available in a large variety of cuts, colours and styles, so you can easily find the fleece that fits your layering system or looks best for walking around your town in between adventures. Meru’s casual tops are highly versatile and can be used as baselayers or midlayers during hikes throughout the year or as standalone tops for days in the city. The number of styles, cuts and fabric combinations is nearly endless, allowing you to find the perfect shirt for any occasion.

Meru Climbing Gear

Meru also makes apparel specifically for climbers, who need a high degree of flexibility and durability in their clothes as well as a splash of style. Meru climbing clothes are designed to handle the demands of a long day at the wall, featuring abrasion-resistant and water-resistant fabrics. Plus, Meru climbing pants feature plenty of unobtrusive pockets, so you can keep essential items close at hand while you’re climbing. Just as for the company’s outdoor jackets and adventure gear, Meru imbues a splash of colour into most of its climbing apparel. That not only makes Meru clothing instantly stand out against a rock wall, but also allows climbers to more fully customise their personal styles.

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