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Slacklining - a great way to keep fit and have fun outdoors!
Inspired by tightrope walking, slacklining refers to the activity of walking on a tensioned length of flat webbing between two fixed ‘anchors’ – very often two trees. The slackline has enough tension to support the athlete but is still able to flex and stretch enough to offer some bounce. As well as providing a great full-body workout, slacklining also improves strength and posture and is a fun way to spend time with friends outdoors! Here at Addnature, we have everything you need for slacklining, from the slacklines themselves to bottom screws, tree protection and frames for setting up a slackline without anchors.


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Slacklining equipment and accessories

Slacklining Sets and Accessories

At Addnature we really understand why having the best slacklining equipment and accessories is essential for slackliners. This seemingly new sport actually has its roots in age-old tree adventures, however the best slacklining equipment features excellent technical innovations and cutting-edge materials. Whether you're new to the slacklining community or consider yourself an established slackliner, you'll find every piece of slacklining equipment you'll ever need in our slacklining collection. Read on to find out more about what we have in stock when it comes to slacklines, slacklining kits and other slacklining accessories. Alternatively, just browse our full slacklining range straight away to find what you need.

Kits for beginners

Slacklining beginners will need to have all the gear before they get started. Our basic kits contain everything you need such as the line itself, a ratchet strap and tree-wear protectors. Our classic slacklining kits are suitable for all types of beginners, including children.

Slacklining sets for experienced slackliners

Whether you've been slacklining for a while or maybe you even slackline competitively, you'll already understand how important it is that you have a complete kit. Our slacklining sets for experienced slackline enthusiasts feature all the components you need, as well as extra-long slacklines.


Rather than shop for slacklining sets, you may be looking for separate or additional webbing, pads, a shackle, slow-release clip, tree-wear accessories or a ground screw. Some slackliners like to mix and match equipment, whilst others shop for slackline accessories when they need to replace elements of their slacklining kit.

Slacklining racks and frames

A simple frame or rack is an essential for many slackliners. A standalone rack or frame is a not only a great way to practice at home, but it also gives you options for when you don't have access to trees. A rack or frame is also a great learning mechanism for slacklining beginners and for use as a teaching tool for instructors. Frames or racks can be purchased alone or used along with a set.

Quality slacklining equipment at Addnature

We only stock slacklines and slacklining equipment from the industry's best manufacturers, this includes Gibbon and Elephant, the two most trusted names in slacklining. This means you can rest assured that all the slacklines and slacklining accessories that we sell are made to the highest standards, by companies who are just as passionate as you.

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