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Outwell is known for versatile, practical and functional outdoor products that make camping trips with the whole family a special experience. The brand regularly develops innovative products and premium equipment that incorporate a lot of passion, personal experience and direct feedback from the camping world. So you can enjoy your outdoor and camping adventures to the fullest.

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Outwell Water Carrier 20l transparent
Outwell Water Carrier 20l transparent transparent
Water Carrier 20l transparent
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Outwell Lid for Collaps Bowl M grey grey
Lid for Collaps Bowl M grey
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Outwell Lid for Collaps Bowl S grey grey
Lid for Collaps Bowl S grey

Outwell camping equipment

A successful camping trip with friends or family can be made easier with the right gear. With Outwell products at your side, you can discover the great outdoors and make the most of the moments you spend with your family and loved ones outside in the natural world. As a leading innovative family camping brand, Outwell brings expertise and experience combined with Scandinavian design aesthetics to ensure their products offer the highest quality in safety, comfort and style. On the website you can find a complete collection of products that cater to everything a happy camper needs to create a memorable trip.


With Outwell at your side, explore the great outdoors

No one knows camping better than Outwell. Outwell have been in the business of manufacturing good quality camping equipment and accessories for years, based on innovative Scandinavian expertise. The company’s success has been driven by a focus on inspiring families to spend more time together outside, alongside their technologically sound materials and production methods. Their products undergo comprehensive testing at their headquarters in Denmark, to guarantee that each one is of the highest quality and they also take very seriously the feedback given to them by campers, including those whom the Outwell team may meet out in the field at other campsites or events. This extremely personalised approach means they can keep up to date with their customers’ requirements and identify exactly where improvements should be made, to ensure that only the very best products are released and kept on the market.

Outwell understands that having the right camping equipment can mean the difference between a great time and a disappointing one, enabling you to construct a home away from home wherever you are – no matter what the weather is doing. Outwell’s exceptional contribution to the world of camping is not only recognised by happy campers, but also by the media who have awarded the brand numerous awards including “best gadget 2017”, “best sleeping bag/bed 2017” and “best camping innovation 2017” by leading UK tent magazine “Camping”.

With Outwell, get the best out of those precious moments spent with family and friends in the great outdoors

If you’re planning your next camping trip with your family or loved ones, Outwell has everything you need to make it heavenly. There’s no doubt about the fact that camping can be hard work with everything you need to do to plan and organise it, especially if you are a big group or a family. Make sure you plan ahead, with every eventuality in mind and have all the right gear to make your trip as fun as possible.

Outwell caters to every kind of camper, with a range of products that include Outwell tents and camp furniture, such as inflatable beds and protective mats, collapsible chairs and camp tables, as well as lanterns and transport trollies, cushions, sleeping bags and coolers. There are also barbecues, camp beds and even closets among other products. Check out the whole range on the website and be inspired to plan your next camping adventure!