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​Camping tables: ready for food & games
In the middle of the countryside or camp spot, a camping table offers the perfect spot to put your drinks and food, play card games and much more. These useful storage surfaces come available with either square or round tops and to make them easy to transport, they’re usually foldable or collapsible. A rustproof metal frame provides good stability. At Addnature, you'll find folding camping tables of different sizes and weights that are perfect for the garden or further afield.

Camp Tables

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Camp Tables for Outdoor Meals and More

Camp Tables

Driving to the campsite means you have plenty of space to bring along luxury items – so why not bring a camp table to make your campsite feel like home? With a camp table, you have a workspace for cooking, board games, and more, as well as a place for everyone in your group to congregate. Better yet, bringing a camp table to your site allows everyone to sit down for a meal together without having to balance plates, bowls, and utensils on their knees. At, we carry a huge variety of camp tables spanning from lightweight and portable to ultra-deluxe for seating large groups.

Choosing the Perfect Camp Table

You may think of a table as just a surface, and in many ways it is. But when it comes to utility in the backcountry, small differences in how camp tables are built can make a big difference to how you can use them.


The first thing to consider when choosing a camp table is what size you need it to be. A table for four or six people will need to be much larger than a table for two, for example. But the amount of space required also depends on how you plan to use the table – cooking an elaborate meal may require a lot of surface space, while using your table simply to hold a light or drinks doesn’t take up much area at all. If you’re interested in a larger table, make sure to consider whether or not it will fit inside your car when folded up.


There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a camp table only to find that it’s too tall or too short relative to your chairs. That’s why many camp tables are built with adjustable legs so you can quickly and easily change the height. However, be aware that not all tables have this flexibility, and extendable tables are likely to be less sturdy when the legs are fully pulled out.

Included Seating

Some camp tables are designed in the style of folding picnic tables, complete with pull-out seats or included benches. These tables are perfect if you plan to eat meals at your camp table, since you never have to fuss with getting the table height right. However, keep in mind that picnic-style camp tables are generally heavy and bulky compared to standard tables. In addition, you’ll likely want to have camp chairs in addition to the built-in seats – you can’t rearrange these seats around the fire after dinner!

Durability and Setup

Durability and ease of setup are the true tests of a camp table’s worth. Poor construction quickly becomes apparent in the backcountry, which is why most tables use steel or aluminium legs and aluminium or lightweight wooden tabletops. In addition, take a close look at the unfolding mechanism. Legs that simply fold out one at a time or in pairs tend to hold up well with repeated use. On the other hand, if a table extends with a complex strut system, a single dent or bend in one of the legs can prevent the entire table from folding. On top of that, if a camp table isn’t easy to fold and unfold you won’t want to use it. While a table that folds down to a tiny square may fit well in your car, a table that is less compacted will typically be easier to set up once you get to camp.

Camp Tables at

The best way to find the perfect camp table for your next backcountry home away from home is to shop our wide selection at We carry durable and easy-to-setup camp tables to suit every group and purpose. Plus, we offer reliable, speedy speeding and a 100-day return policy on all of our camp tables.