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Climbing gloves: extra protection for your hands
Climbing gloves primarily aren't designed to keep your hands warm. Instead, they're mostly designed to wear while belaying, abseiling and securing. Gloves for special types of climbing, like crack climbing, where you wedge your hands into tight crags, exist to protect the back of the hands from abrasions. There are also gloves available specifically for via ferrata. Climbing gloves are usually made of abrasion-resistant materials (often leather) and often have additional reinforcements at the palms, knuckles and joints.

Climbing gloves

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Ocun Crack Gloves black black
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Black Diamond Transition Gloves natural natural
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Climbing Gloves: Get a Grip

Whether you are a complete novice or a professional climber, one vital piece of kit that you will need is climbing gloves. These are especially important during colder weather and when out on the mountain, when the simplest task can become difficult or even impossible if your hands are too cold. However, even indoors, the right glove can help you grip. We offer a superb range of both men's and women's climbing gloves, as well as mittens that will provide warmth and protection with the flexibility to maintain dexterity even in the most extreme conditions.

Superior Climbing Gloves

Get the right glove for your climb

Whether you are bouldering indoors or scaling a mountain peak, you need to make sure that you get the right glove for the job. At Addnature, you can easily browse our range with a few clicks. Select by gender, brand, size, colour and price to find exactly what you are looking for.

For example, if you are scaling an alpine peak, you need to be able to really feel the holds. This is not possible if you are wearing thick gloves. But if you are at altitude and exposed, then icy winds can freeze your hands, making delicate and precise movements more difficult.

That's where our range of both men's and women's half-finger gloves come into their own. The fingertips are left free to allow you to feel the friction on the holds more precisely. Meanwhile, the glove also covers two-thirds of the finger length, protecting them against the elements and against rope burn when abseiling or belaying.

Gloves for all activities

We stock a great range of rock climbing gloves from renowned brands like Black Diamond and Climbing Technology. The breathable fabric also keeps hands dry and free of the build-up of moisture. This means that your hands won't slide around inside the glove. Gloves like these are also suitable for use in parkour.

If you are looking for full finger all-round gloves, we've got you covered. Depending on the material chosen, these gloves are ideal for handling ropes, grabbing rungs, belaying and bouldering. They are also great for mountain trekking and skiing, as they offer protection from the elements while allowing dexterity of movement. Choose between gloves made from real leather or those made from synthetic fabrics. You'll find fleece-lined gloves and those that offer a precise fit.

To top off our selection, we also stock a small range of mittens, including a Gore-Tex 3 finger glove for ice climbing and mountaineering. Keep those hands warm and dry while setting up for your climb.

Other climbing equipment

If you want to continue your climbing adventures, you will find that we also stock a complete range of climbing equipment. Browse our online store, and you will find everything you need to kit you out from head to toe. Check out our range of climbing clothing, from helmets to approach shoes and climbing shoes. Our choice of climbing equipment is equally impressive and diverse, ranging from the smallest carabiners to rope bags and climbing backpacks designed to hold all your climbing needs.

Popular manufacturers of climbing gloves include: