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Helly Hansen women's and men's jackets online

Helly Hansen’s story begun in Norway in 1877. Sea captain Helly Juell Hansen and his wife Margrethe discovered a better way to stay protected from the harsh weather of the far north. They soon realised that what worked for them might very well work for others and so, they begun producing a range of waterproof oilskin jackets, sou’westers, trousers and tarpaulins.

140 years of innovation later, Hally Hansen clothing is now the number 1 apparel brand for ski professionals and one of the most popular clothing manufacturers for sailors worldwide. The company is proud to continue to support Captain Hansen’s legacy, and has done so through a long list of first-to-market innovations developed in cooperation with those working and playing in the harshest environments in the world.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen: product range

Helly Hansen has come a long way since those first select pieces were fashioned from coarse linen soaked in linseed oil. The Helly Hansen range now includes a wide variety of men and women’s jackets, fleeces, mid and base layers, pants and tops, footwear, accessories and much more.

Cutting-edge technologies

For the past 140 years Helly Hansen has been developing and testing its technologies together with professionals living and working in some of the world's toughest environments.

Helly Exclusive Tech

Helly Tech is the waterproof and breath¬able outer layer between you and the ele¬ments. Its unique membrane will keep water molecules out, while allowing sweat vapour to pass through – keeping you dry from the outside and comfortable on the inside. It’s available in three different ranges:

Helly Tech Professional

Helly Hansen’s Professional tech offers extremely waterproof and breathable designs and constructions. This line is for highly aerobic, extremely wet or unusually long-lasting activities in extremely harsh conditions. Available on professional Helly Hansen ski clothing including ski jackets, ski pants and skipowder suits and ocean clothing including smock tops, salopettes, race jackets and survival suits.

Helly Tech Performance

The Helly Tech Performance line contains highly waterproof and extra breathable sport specific designs and constructions. For a wide range of high perfomance outdoor activities during highly challenging, changing and unpredictable weather conditions. This tech is available in city-ski hybrid jackets, freeride jackets, adventure jackets, ski pants and gloves, coastal jackets and sailing pants.

Helly Tech Protection

Finally, Helly Tech Protection offers fully waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics and constructions. This technology is ideal for all situations and weather conditions where protection from the elements is needed. You’ll find Helly Hansen Freeride cargo pants, insulated parkas, warming bomber jackets, stylish rain coats and waterproof pants in this range.

H2 Flow

H2Flow is Helly Hansen’s special insulation concept. It uses air to allow you to control your own body temperature – providing warmth when you need it and a cooling airflow when you get too hot. The tech optimises insulation, using air pockets to store and build up body warmth. However, when you get too warm for comfort, opening ventilation zippers allow you to introduce cold air.


Lifa is Helly Hansen’s special moisture wicking yarn technology. It moves moisture away from the skin, allowing you to stay warm, dry and comfortable.