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Adidas - Impossible is Nothing
Adidas - Impossible is Nothing
The story of Adidas begins in a small laundry room in 1900. It was here that the first Adidas shoes were designed and made. With the aim to offer the best possible product to every athlete, Adidas founder Adi Dassler begun his domination of the footwear market from that moment on.


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adidas 3 Stripes 7/8 Pants Women black/white
adidas 3 Stripes 7/8 Pants Women black/white black/white
3 Stripes 7/8 Pants Women black/white
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Adidas Gear and Clothing for Hiking, Running, Swimming and More


Adidas is one of the best-known names in the international sports industry. The company has earned a reputation as not only one of the largest manufacturers of gear and apparel for running, swimming, hiking, and much more, but also as one of the most reliable brands. On top of that, Adidas gear is highly affordable, putting adventure sports and lifelong recreation within reach of any budget.

Adidas Footwear

Adidas focuses on running shoes for streets and trails, with moderately cushioned designs that many runners have fallen in love with. The company’s shoes offer responsive cushioning that minimises shock to your joints while launching your foot off the ground with every step. With options for both neutral and overpronating runners, Adidas has a shoe for every foot. On top of that, Adidas’s footwear isn’t limited just to training and racing. Adidas’s running shoes can be used on the trail as fast, lightweight, and breathable alternatives to hiking boots. Adidas footwear won’t replace dedicated hiking boots, but it’s a great option for fastpacking and day hiking.

Adidas Clothes for Running and Hiking

Adidas also makes all of the apparel that runners and hikers need to get outside in any conditions. The company makes running shorts with integrated mesh liners to promote breathability and comfort. You’ll also find a wide variety of moisture-wicking tank tops and short and long sleeve shirt designs to suit whatever the weather brings. For running in the late autumn and winter, Adidas has lines of running tights and jackets that are warm while still being lightweight and breathable. While Adidas’s clothes are designed with the temperature regulating demands of runners in mind, the company’s apparel works just as well for day hikers and backpackers.

Adidas Swimming

Adidas is one of the leading producers of swimsuits for men and women. Men have plenty of choices between longerswimming shorts and Speedo-style trunks, while women can choose from a variety of one- and two-piece swimsuit designs. Adidas’s swim apparel is ideal for training in the pool, but there are also plenty of options for performance swimwear to use during races.

Adidas Sunglasses

In addition to everything else Adidas makes, the company offers hundreds of styles of sunglasses for running, cycling, hiking, and anything else you do outside. Adidas’s sunglasses for men and women are extremely stylish, with sleek, modern frames. Better yet, Adidas’s lens offerings include anti-fog coatings and come in a variety of colours so you can find the perfect sunglasses for any lighting conditions.

Adidas Gear and Apparel at

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