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Haglöfs Tight Large Backpack 25l true black
Haglöfs Tight Large Backpack 25l true black true black
Tight Large Backpack 25l true black
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Osprey Sirrus 34 Backpack Women tunnel vision grey
Osprey Sirrus 34 Backpack Women tunnel vision grey tunnel vision grey
Sirrus 34 Backpack Women tunnel vision grey
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A Short Guide For Selecting Hiking Backpacks

If you know a thing or two about hiking, you know how important having a good backpack is. Carrying food, water, clothing, and certain other accessories can be troublesome if you have to bring along separate bags. For this reason, hiking backpacks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fit, design and with various handy features to satisfy your needs. And as much as we require a functional backpack, it’s also important that it looks good!

Types of hiking backpacks

Hiking backpacks come in three types: external frame, internal frame, and frameless. If you plan to carry light loads in your backpack, consider light and flexible frameless backpacks - they don’t come with any heavy plastics or aluminum rods. Even at capacities of up to 40 liters, they can still weigh as little as 650g. These bags are ideal for alpine ascents and day hikes.

Internal-frame backpacks can be used to carry both light and heavy weights. They come with plastic frame-sheets and aluminum rods which prevent them from collapsing. The rigidity of the construction efficiently transfers weight from shoulders to the hips so that the bag doesn’t hinder your performance. These bags are generally considered light to mid-weight. Some may also have the option of removing the rods in order to decrease the load and use them as dual functioning backpacks.

External-frame backpacks allow one to carry heavy to extremely heavy loads. They’re heavy and rigid, and rarely used nowadays for normal hiking. Their design also makes them less suitable for travelling. Aside from that, the robust aluminum frame supports the carriage and storage of heavy goods. Furthermore, the adjustable harness provides reliability throughout their lifespan.

What sort of capacity should I be looking for?

Your perfect capacity will ultimately depend on the type and quantity of the goods that you want to carry as well as the length and distance of your hikes. The desired capacity will also depend on your packing capabilities. Additionally, the suitability of a backpack will depend on which gear you want/need to bring with you. To check your requirements, try first packing your goods into a suitcase to identify which size you might need.

Which material should I choose?

We offer bags in a variety of materials, ranging from nylon to Cordura, polyester, PVC, rip-stop nylon and cotton canvas.

It’s important to note that whichever backpack you choose should be made of extremely durable fabric. Other factors such as abrasion resistance, tightness and stretchability should also be taken into consideration. Consult the manufacturer’s description on each product page for further information on materials.

Find your perfect hiking companion with us

Here at Addnature, we make sure to stock the best of the best hiking backpacks. We’ve also gone to great lengths to make sure we have a variety of different designs and styles available. At Addnature we offer quality products and service, speedy delivery and a straightforward return policy. If you have a hiking trip on the horizon, check out our great selection of hiking backpacks today!