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Teva - better than barefoot
Teva - better than barefoot
Teva shoes are designed for people who require versatile footwear for a range of purposes. Founded in 1984, the company has set itself the goal of creating sandals from modern materials that do not lose their functionality or comfort on land or in water. Teva shoes are the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts and professional athletes from all backgrounds.


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Teva: comfortable & stylish sandals

Teva makes shoes for people who need versatile footwear for different outdoor activities, in particular, for those activities performed in and around water. On the website, you can find a wide selection of Teva sandals and shoes that are especially created to protect feet and ensure that you can make the most of your adventure – in water or on dry land.

Teva sandals

Strap in and go with Teva shoes

In 1984, a young Grand Canyon river guide revolutionised the footwear industry by making sandals crafted from modern materials that do not lose their functionality or comfort, whether on land or in water. This discovery would give people the confidence to let go, jump in and not let anything hold them back.

The first model, the Teva Original, began as a modest Velcro watch strap attached to a flip flop. Since then, it has developed into the shoe where people can just “strap in and go” – a spontaneous do anything, go anywhere attitude that the initial Teva Original stood for.

Since its inception over 30 years ago, Teva has continued to work hard on changing how shoes and sandals should look and feel when worn. The connection to water has always been central to its innovations, making sure that its products are as effective in water as they are on dry land. Many water activities can be particularly challenging. With Teva sandals and shoes, your feet are comfortably equipped for water, regardless of the activity you are doing.

Teva stands for aquatic adventures

Teva sandals and footwear are the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts and professional athletes from all backgrounds. Teva manufactures high-quality sandals for the whole family. Made for men, women and children of all ages, they are designed for a variety of activities, including cycling, paddling and running. Some have a sportier look, while others are more suitable for urban environments. With this range, you can find the right shoe for the different activities you may be doing.

Some of the popular models available on the website include (among others):

  • The Teva Terra Fi Lite ultra-slim sandal, which has an open design and works well on land and in the water. Made of comfortable quick-dry material
  • Teva Tanza sandals in rich leather for multi-use, constructed with Spider Rubber outsoles because of its superior performance on wet or dry terrain
  • Teva Hurricane featuring Teva’s shoc pads, a blended polyurethane/EVA unit in the heel that evenly transfers impact throughout the sole, taking pressure off the heel
  • Teva Universal original model, ideal in water and features a universal strapping system and solid balance of performance and durability
  • The sleek Verra sandals that look as good in the street as on an adventure, featuring Spider Rubber and Teva shoc pads technologies
  • Teva Sandborn sandals that fuse comfort with elegance with a padded heel strap and EVA cushioned sole
  • Teva Terra Float Universal with its famous Universal strapping system and innovative FloatLite foam construction that’s both extremely light and very comfortable
  • The comfortable, stylish Teva Winsted sandals featuring a Universal-inspired strap design and pops of colour that are ideal for everyday adventure