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Osprey - Colorado 1974. The Birth of Osprey

It all started with a sewing machine, a head full of ideas and the desire to develop innovative backpacks of the highest quality. To this day, Osprey backpacks embody the pioneering spirit of yesteryear and travel all over the world, from the highest mountains to the farthest islands (and everywhere in between).

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Osprey Ariel Plus 85 Backpack Women black
Osprey Ariel Plus 85 Backpack Women black black
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Osprey Bags for Every Need


Getting your stuff to wherever you’re headed is one of the most important parts of every adventure. Whether you are headed into the mountains, taking an urban vacation, or out for a run or bike ride, Osprey has a pack specifically built for the purpose.

Choosing the Right Pack for Your Sport

Osprey offers a wide selection of backpacks and bags for every sport, but in every category Osprey exceeds expectations for design and construction.

Osprey Hiking and Backpacking Backpacks

Osprey is loved among backpackers for their incredibly durable and comfortable adventure packs. Osprey’s packs are designed to withstand the toughest adventures, with water-resistant rip-stop nylon construction and stow-away rain covers when the weather turns south. Even better, Osprey packs are built with gear access in mind – almost every pack offers multiple ways to access your gear through flexible compartments and zippers. Osprey’s hiking and backpacking packs come in a wide range of sizes, from just 10 liters up to 65 or more. There are multiple design options in every size class, so you’re not limited to choosing from just a single pack option based on the gear capacity you need.

Osprey Cycling Packs

Osprey’s purpose-built cycling backpacks are an ideal choice for bike commuting, mountain biking, and road cycling. Osprey designs their packs with an integrated helmet carry and a uniquely narrow profile so you never have to worry about your pack straps catching on a stay branch or sign. Just like the company’s adventure packs, cycling packs include an integrated rain fly so you’ll never get caught out with wet gear.

Osprey Travel Luggage

Osprey offers a versatile range of travel packs to suit any trip, from heavy-duty duffels to roller luggage. Osprey’s duffel bags double as a comfortable backpack thanks to a unique removable shoulder strap design. Meanwhile, roller luggage is built with durability in mind – so you never have to worry about your wheels falling off or the extendable handle breaking in the middle of a trip.

Osprey Climbing Backpacks

Whether you’re hauling gear up a big wall or climbing with friends at the local crag, Osprey’s impressive Mutant backpack series can keep your gear close at hand. These climbing packs hug your back to keep your weight centered while remaining comfortable over the course of a long day thanks to a highly padded suspension system.

Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee

Osprey stands by all of the gear the company makes, regardless of how long you’ve had it and how much abuse it has seen. Simply send you gear into Osprey and the company will repair it or replace it if it’s beyond repair.

Osprey Packs at

Here at, we carry the widest selection of Osprey packs so that you don’t have to waste your time searching for the right equipment for your next trip. With our site, you can browse through the Osprey packs that fit your adventure and get your gear quickly with our flexible shipping options.