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Camping beds & loungers: no more sleeping on the ground
Many summer nights are so pleasantly warm that they invite you to sleep outdoors. This may be in your own garden, on the balcony, the terrace, at a campsite, on the beach or somewhere in the wild. An air mattress is one option, but a camping bed or lounger is clearly a more comfortable solution. Camping beds and loungers are easy to fold up and transport and are much lighter than you would imagine. Here at Addnature, you're sure to find the perfect lounger or camping bed for your relaxing outdoor night under the stars.

Camp Beds

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Lafuma Mobilier RSXA Relax Chair with Cannage Phifertex noir
Lafuma Mobilier RSXA Relax Chair with Cannage Phifertex noir noir
Lafuma Mobilier
RSXA Relax Chair with Cannage Phifertex noir
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Camp Beds for a Good Night’s Sleep

Camp Beds

Sleeping outside underneath the stars shouldn’t mean sleeping on the ground. With a lightweight and portable camp bed, you can experience a night in thebackcountry while also enjoying the same level of comfort that you’d have in your bed at home.

Why Use a Camp Bed?

If you’ve ever found yourself tossing and turning in your tent at night or waking upwith back pain, a camp bed is likely the solution you need. Camp cots suspend you off the ground, eliminating the pressure points from rocks and uneven earth that even an air mattress can’t get rid of.On top of that, camp beds help with temperature regulation. On cold nights, the air underneath your camp bed will be warmer than the ground. That means you won’t wake up shivering as heat is sapped out of your sleeping bag from beneath you. During warm summer nights, having air circulate above and below you can alsohelp keep you cooler.Another advantage to camp beds is that they increase the amount of storage spaceavailable in your tent. That’s because most camp beds leave plenty of space underneath the frame to put your things.Of course, while camp beds are designed to be relatively portable, they’re limited to car camping trips and other adventures where you can carry heavy and bulkyluxury items.

How to Choose a Camp Bed

Whenever you’re buying a camp bed, portability, durability, and comfort are the most important considerations. Specifically, there are a few features to look at to make sure your bed has all of these qualities.

Frame Material and Design

Most camp cots are constructed with an aluminium frame, which is strong yet lightweight to maintain portability. However, heavier campers may need a stronger frame constructed from steel. Be sure to check the weight rating on thecamp bed you’re interested in.For the design of the frame, look for vertical legs or X-crossing legs. Curved C-shaped legs are not as durable, although these beds are often available at budget prices. In addition, make sure that the legs have rubber caps on the ends if youplan to use your bed inside a tent that has a floor.


The majority of camp beds are made from a single layer of polyester or nylon, which is supportive but doesn’t necessarily provide any padding. While you can add your own custom padding to any camp cot, some cots come with plush fabric on top to keep you comfortable. On the other end of the spectrum, you can find mesh beds that promote air circulation to keep you cool during summer camping trips.


Many camp cots double as recliners, allowing you to raise the head of the bed if you would like. These reclining camp beds are good not only if you sleep on an adjustable bed at home, but also for stargazing – you can pull the cot outside your tent and look up at the stars from a comfortable position.

Camp Beds at

While some camping supply stores carry camp beds, your selection is likely to be limited. But here at we offer a wide range of camp beds to helpevery camper get a good night’s sleep. You can rest even easier knowing that weoffer flexible shipping options and a 100-day return policy on all our camp beds.