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Camp Chairs: Put your feet up!
Camp chairs are a surefire way to make your trip more fun and more relaxed. Even if you're travelling light, some compact models will get you off the floor for just a minimal weight penalty in your pack. If you are travelling by car or glamping you can go for bigger models, with footstools and cup holders so you can treat yourself at the end of the day.

Camp Chairs

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Camping chairs — comfort on the go

For those of you out there who love to go on trips, then camping chairs are a must-have item. Even if you're travelling light, a camping chair is the perfect way to make your days that little more comfortable.

Camping Chairs at sunset

At Addnature we have a range of different camping chairs available. In this way, you can find the perfect chair for your needs. Whether you're going by car, living a glamping lifestyle, or need something minimal to carry in a backpack, we've got something for everyone.

Evenings in comfort

For those of you travelling in a little more style, there's a range of different camping seats available. These options are more compact and feature additional features to make your evenings that little bit cosier.

For instance, grab a comfortable swivel chair to enjoy the scenery in complete style. In the evenings, as you relax with a cup of cocoa, you'll need somewhere to put your mug. Check out the Outwell camp chairs with their useful cup holders for perfect relaxation.

Need to put your feet up? Then grab a stool from the Campz camping seats range for a truly relaxing time.

Travel light

If you're on a backpacking or camping adventure, you still need to stay comfortable. With that in mind, there is a range of folding camp chairs available. Think about the comfort of being at an event and having an easily foldable chair at hand. It's a must! Check out our Addnature festival guide for more options here.

All these folding camp chairs are super lightweight too. They're easy to put up and don't weigh much if you're carrying them around all day. Better still, these chairs come with a transport bag making them easy to carry and keep in good condition. It also means they pack down pretty small, so they can fit into a backpack nicely.

Choose a chair that meets your weight limits too — some of these chairs are just 1.25 kg making them the perfect option for long walking trips.

Choosing the right camping chairs

Camping chairs tend to be just single-seater, but they can hold a range of weights. Despite being minimalist in their design, these seats can support up to 120 kg meaning they're perfect for all users.

Foldable camp chairs are made of convenient, durable material too. The frames are lightweight aluminium so that they don't buckle easily. The seats themselves are a breathable polyester, which means they dry off quickly, as well as being easy to clean and maintain. You may not have thought about that, but it's really important for the longevity of the product.

For something truly luxurious on your trip, check out the range of movie seats or pouffes. These are inflatable options that provide a little added comfort. Better still, they take up next to no room giving you more space to carry caps, sweaters or other necessities on your camping trip.

Whatever your needs, there is a range of camping chair options available for you.