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Kitchen tents: for the outdoorsy chefs
When is the last time you rustled up a meal in your bedroom? Exactly. And now you don’t have to do that when camping either, with our selection of kitchen tents to choose from. All cooking utensils and equipment can be stored in one of our waterproof shelters and some are even big enough for a picnic table!

Kitchen Tents

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Kitchen Tents

Many people enjoy camping holidays, being outdoors and having fun. But all that activity is bound to make you hungry. Here at Addnature we offer an exciting range of kitchen and utility tents. These are specially designed to enable you to prepare delicious meals in a safe separate kitchen area.

Brunner Kitchen Tent Gray Blue

Why use a kitchen tent?

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by cooking sets and cooling bags? If so, a utility tent for cooking will undoubtedly make your holiday much more comfortable allowing you to keep all the tools in a sheltered place.

Safety on a campsite is also of the utmost importance, especially if you are heading deep off the beaten track. Using a dedicated kitchen tent means that you can be sure your cooking equipment is stored safely and securely.

Having a dedicated tent for your food, equipment such as your camping stoves, kettles, pots and pans, can help keep the main living tent free of clutter.

Our cooking tents also come with increased ventilation compared to a standard tent, again ideal for safety while cooking. What's more, some of our kitchen tents are large enough to also offer some utility storage. Store your folding chairs inside ready for when you pop the kettle on for a quick brew!

Kitchen tent features


All of the kitchen tents available at Addnature are made from durable double-sided coated PVC. This waterproof material will prevent your food, cooking equipment and utensils from getting wet during poor weather.

They all offer all-around mudflaps or dirt strips and can be placed on a base or have their own waterproof floor to add to the protection offered. Check the storm protection on windows, doors and zips for added waterproofing.

Easy Access

Getting in and out of your kitchen tent is another important safety feature. At Addnature, you'll find each kitchen tent comes with enlarged doorways that can be easily rolled up and tied out of the way. This allows easy freedom of movement in and out of the kitchen area without the need to unzip the door each time.


Are you looking to do a lot of cooking on your trip? Then you need to make sure that your camping kitchen tent has plenty of good ventilation. This is to allow the vapours to escape when cooking. Cooking tents need large mesh windows with adjustable covers to keep out the rain. Another important feature is roof ventilation. Check out the range we have on offer at Addnature.

Ease of use

All our kitchen tents come with sturdy steel frames. This makes your kitchen or cooking tent strong and durable yet light to carry and simple to erect.

Simple, light and functional

Nobody wants their camping grills lying around. With limited space for all your gear, you will surely appreciate an extra “room” for your cooking equipment. Having a dedicated kitchen tent is the ideal solution. Then, after cooking a delicious meal on your cooking stove, you will be able to put it and all your cooking gear safely away.