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1-Person Tents: Your own four walls
One-person tents are ideal for anyone who enjoys solo travel or having their tent all to themselves. But, which model you need depends entirely on what you intend to do with it. We offer comfortable tents with enough space for one person, as well as sufficient storage space for luggage and equipment. These models are usually made of sturdy, wind and weatherproof material and are suitable for longer trips, but they also weigh more. If you’re looking for extremely low weight and the smallest possible pack size, you’ll have to make some sacrifices in terms of comfort. These ultra-light tents aren’t suitable for permanent use, but work great as an emergency tent or a weight-saving overnight option for ultra-light trekking.

1 Person Tents

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Lightweight 1 Person Tents for Backpacking and Thru-hiking

1 Person Tents

If you’re planning a solo backpacking, fast-packing, or thru-hiking trip, there’s no faster way to get from A to B than with a one-person tent. These tents minimise the weight you’ll carry, so you can move more efficiently through the mountains.

1 Person Tents vs. Bivy Sacks

Many solo backpackers have to decide between a 1 person tent and a bivy sack.The unfortunate reality is that most 1 person tents are heavier than bivy sacks and take up more space in your backpack. But, if you’re going to be out for more than a few nights at a time, living inside a bivy sack can get old fast.1 person tents offer a reasonable amount of living space and actually allow you to sit up and move around without exposing yourself to the elements. A tent also gives you a place to store your backpack and other items, which can be a huge help when the weather turns south. The other advantage to 1 person tents is that they offer a much greater degree of protection. Being out in the middle of a storm in a bivy sack can be a terrifying experience. In a tent, it’s relatively easy to hunker down and wait out the worst conditions.

Igloo vs. Tunnel Tents

1 person tents come in two different styles: igloo tents and tunnel tents.


Igloo tents are freestanding, which makes them fast and easy to setup. In contrast, tunnel tents require guylines to a tree or stake for them to stand upright. If you’re by yourself, guying out a tunnel tent in windy weather can be quite the trial.


But, tunnel tents win out when it comes to the amount of space you get for a given weight. Tunnel tents have relatively vertical walls, so you can use the entire floorspace of your tent. Igloo tents, on the other hand, have sloped walls, so the edges of the tent floor are essentially unusable.

Wind Resistance

If you’re looking for a 1 person tent for mountaineering use, it’s important to think about how your tent will hold up in extremely windy conditions. Many tunnel tents offer low ceilings that perform relatively well in windy conditions. But, you have to orient them just right to the wind direction or else they’ll be broadsided by wind force. In general, igloo tents are a better choice for extremely windy conditions. The dome shape may bend when hit with a gust, but it rarely breaks and quickly springs back to shape. Plus, you’re more protected if the wind changes direction.


If you’re opting for a 1 person tent rather than a much more spacious 2 person tent, it’s probably because you’re trying to save weight. If your 1 person tent will be used exclusively for solo missions and you already have a 2 person tent, it’s well worth spending extra to get the lightest tent possible. Just be sure to handle your tent carefully, since ultralight 1 person tents often sacrifice a fair amount of durability.

1 Person Tents at

The best way to find a 1 person tent for your adventures is to shop our selection at We carry ultralight tents from a variety of manufacturers with both igloo and tunnel designs.

Popular Manufacturers of One Person Tents

Popular manufacturers of one person tents include Nordisk, Big Agnes and Fjällräven .

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