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Tour skating accessories

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Tour Skating Accessories

Over time, tour skating popularity has grown considerably and the International Olympic Committee has now recognized it as an official sport. The skateboarding industry has consequently grown too, and it is likely to grow even more in the future. The demand for tour skating accessories is also increasing. Professional and amateur skaters widely use tour skateboards, skateboard trucks, and other accessories.

Tour skating accessories make your skating experience safer and more enjoyable. Skaters have different needs regarding their equipment. Boards come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. Some things to consider are:

  • type and material of the skateboard,
  • number of bearings,
  • how long it is likely to last before needing repairs or replacements,
  • size of the board.

It is important to find the right product for your board.

Accessories for Tour Skating Poles

Some accessories for tour skating improve your performance or improve your comfort. The latest accessory for tour skating poles is a tour skating pole holder. The holder has a stud on each side that can be wrapped around your hand, providing additional grip and security, so you won't drop your pole. There are also a range of tips for every type of surface made of various materials and a carrying bag to protect your pole from scratches and other damage whilst travelling or storing. Invest in the right accessories to keep your tour skating pole at its best.

Accessories for Tour Skating Backpack

There are many accessories for a tour skating backpack to make your journey safer and more comfortable. The huge popularity of tour skating has lead to an increase in available accessories for these backpacks. Here are just a few of the available accessories for a tour skating backpack:

  • A helmet carrying case
  • A skate tool bag
  • A water bottle holder
  • A carrying case for your iPod
  • A laptop sleeve

Replacement Parts for Tour Skating Accessories

The key to a successful tour is the right equipment, and replacement parts are a crucial part of the game. Professional and casual skaters keep a store of replacement parts for their Tour skating accessories to ensure that their equipment is always in top shape.

Skateboard replacement parts include decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and bushings. The skateboard wheels typically come in various sizes with different durometers (hardness scales). There are many replacement parts for longboards and inline skates, with some skateboard replacement parts used interchangeably.

Addnature offers some top tour skate accessories brands, including LEKI, Silva, Komperdell, Black Diamond, and Camp. Skate along and check them out now!