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Timbuk2: travel bags & backpacks

Timbuk2 makes stylish, comfortable and durable bags that are literally built to last a lifetime and are as ideal for everyday use as on a bike ride. The brand is committed to designing extremely long-lasting products that enable freedom for the digital nomad about town, the cyclist or commuter. On the website, there is a wide selection of Timbuk2 bags including its portfolio of backpacks, messenger bags, tote bags, travel luggage and bike panniers.

Timbuk2 bags

Timbuk2 – born and bred in San Francisco

Timbuk2’s history began in 1989 when Rob Honeycutt, a bike dealer in San Francisco, made a shoulder bag for cyclists and bike messengers. He was inspired by his studies of Toyota’s Lean Production System to create a custom-made bag that minimised waste, while still allowing for a quick turnaround during production.

Timbuk2 bags and messenger bags are exceptionally durable and are as useful for every day practical use as they are for use by cyclists and couriers. Many of the models are especially suited for cycling, but there is also a line of regular shoulder bags as well as bags that work well for laptops and backpacks.

At the Timbuk2 headquarters in San Francisco, the dedicated small team work together to manufacture “last-a-lifetime” bags in different colour combinations that have been selected and ordered by their customers. As the interest in their products is high, they also make some of their non-custom products in Asia, in Indonesia and Vietnam, to meet global demands.

Additionally, Timbuk2 is a very environmentally conscious company. Its bags are made to last a lifetime and it works with local talent and keep a lot of the manufacturing process local to support American workers and lower shipping costs. Timbuk2 recycles older bags that are returned by its customers or it repairs the bags and returns them. At the office, every employee is provided with recycling bins at their desk and is encouraged to cycle to work by the provided inside parking, loaner bikes and bikeshare schemes, on-site showers and a pre-tax monthly stipend for cyclists.

Timbuk2’s bags are built to last a lifetime

Many of us carry bags that are uncomfortable and cause ache and discomfort. On the website, with Timbuk2’s comprehensive range of top-quality bags, you can invest in a bag that will not only sit comfortably on your shoulders and back but will also last a lifetime. There are many bag models from the Timbuk2 range, including shoulder bags, cycling bags, bags for laptops and backpacks. Some of its popular bags on the website include:

  • Especial Cuatro practical and stylish bike back pack
  • Versatile Forge Tote that can also be comfortably strapped to your back should you want your arms free or need to cycle. Features pockets for items such as your laptop or umbrella
  • The Rogue backpack that features a stretchy air mesh laptop sleeve, cushioned straps for additional comfort and daisy-chain webbing to enable attachment points for your U-lock or other strap-on accessories
  • Parker Pack light backpack that is fully weatherproof and features magnetic closures, stretchy pockets and an air mesh ventilated back panel to keep you cool and comfortable. Versatile for everyday city use