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High Peak Vision 3 Tent black black
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High Peak Vision 2 Tent black black
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Pop-up Tents

Pop-up tents are extremely convenient and a feat of engineering. Transforming an often fiddly experience into an easy one, we're proud to offer you a wide range of pop-up tents here at Addnature.

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They come in large spherical bags with pre-fitted poles that stretch and are secured in place with clips and elasticized straps. Easily undo the straps and the tent 'pops' up, ready for corner pegs and ropes.

Pop up tent selection here at Addnature

For the full range of quick pitch tents on offer, browse our site at your leisure. With various options when it comes to size, some will comfortably suit two people, whilst others are more appropriate for families.

It's important to specify whether you want a single or double-layer tent. Single-layer pop-up tents are ideal for overnight adventures in the dry months. However, double layer tents are the most popular option because of their impermeability and extra warmth. Indeed, waterproof seams ensure you stay dry and cosy even if it's grizzly outside.

Look out for tents with pre-inserted holes, as they're extremely convenient and easy to erect. For a tent that's as suitable for a summer holiday as it is for a wet-weather hike, it's recommended to opt for a double-layer tent with ventilation. All-weather ventilation will ensure you stay cool and mosquito free in summer.

Tents with roll-down doors and quick-lock systems add an extra level of security. Shop our full range here at Addnature.

Choosing pop up tents

We suggest blackout pop-up tents for light sleepers, families with young children, and late-night festival attendees. Look for a sewn-in groundsheet, a waterproof rain fly (the tent's outer covering), and lots of guy ropes for support. The more loops, hooks, and pockets, the better. They can hang lights and store things. Browse our tent accessories and attachments categories to learn more.

A pop-up or a fast-pitch

The basic pop-up tents are perfect for one person or a couple searching for a place to sleep. However, they may not be suitable for a multi-day hike because of their spherical size when packed down. In fact, they're better suited to overnight trips and excursions with minimal walking involved.

The latest series of fastpitch dome tents have handy awnings for weather protection and equipment storage. These are suitable for extended camping excursions and families. A similar-sized regular pitching pop-up tent will be heavier, and most will be too heavy for hiking.

Others are pitched quickly, even in the harshest circumstances. The ultra-light poles magnetically snap together in mere seconds to form a frame.

Inflatable pop-up tents, particularly big six to twelve-person types, require a fraction of the time to set up compared to regular large tents. Just hammer and pump them.

How big should my tent be?

Except for lightweight adventure tents for one person, pop-up tents are scaled according to the number of adults they can comfortably sleep (two-, four-, six-person). A four-person tent can comfortably accommodate two people, but if you're camping with kids, a six-person tent with separate bedrooms would be more appropriate.

Pop-up tents and rapid-pitch tents are compact and meant for one or two people. However, a big family wanting to camp for more than a long weekend will need to invest in an inflatable fast set up tent. Indeed, these can sleep up to 12 persons.

How to close a popup tent after use

The most sought-after feature of modern pop up tents is their compactness. Designs are becoming better with colour-coded areas to assist the refolding of pop-up tents without breaking poles or causing any unnecessary stress.

You can find these as well as other camping accessories like sleeping pads, stoves & grills on our website. Reach out in case of any inquiries.