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Inflatable Tents: Inflate & go camping
Inflatable tents are ideal if you’re looking to keep your luggage as light and compact as possible. Large tents usually mean lots of heavy poles and an elaborate set-up. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with inflatable models, as they’re light, easy-to-handle and can be inflated in a very short time. This type of tent also offers impressive stability and protection from wind and weather. Like all other tents, inflatable models come with inner and outer tents that can be used accordingly, depending on the weather.

Inflatable Tents

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Inflatable Tents for Fast and Simple Camping

Inflatable Tents

If you’re tired of spending too much of your camping trip struggling with bent tent poles and unwieldy designs, it may be time to switch to an inflatable tent. Inflatable tents use air-filled beams in place of tent poles, which allows you to pitch your tent in just as long as it takes to blow up the tubes. Here at,we carry a variety of inflatable tents for groups of all sizes so you can keep your camp setup simple and relaxing.

Why Use an Inflatable Tent?

The main advantage to using an inflatable tent is that they are incredible easy to pitch. Simply arrange your tent on the ground and use a manual or battery-powered air pump to fill the structural tubes with air. A single person can set upeven the largest inflatable tent in just 5 to 10 minutes.On top of that, inflatable tents hold up surprisingly well in bad weather comparedto traditional tents. The structural air columns used in inflatable tents stand up to high winds better than most lightweight tent poles. Plus, you never have to worry about poles bending or snapping. While inflatable tents are constructed to resist punctures, it’s simple to fix a small hole with the repair kit included with mosttents.Finally, inflatable tents are easy to pack. Since there are no poles, you can stuff an inflatable tent into just about any container. That makes packing them away in your car simple, but it’s also helpful for kayakers, bikepackers, and other adventure travellers who are tight on space.The only downside to inflatable tents is that they tend to be slightly heavycompared to traditional tents. The material around the inflatable columns needs to be heavy to resist punctures, so the lightest two-person inflatable tents are on par with average to heavy weight backpacking tents.

Choosing an Inflatable Tent


While you can find inflatable tents in any size, the majority of these tents are designed to hold four or more people. That’s because large group tents are thetents that are notoriously difficult to pitch – so having an inflatable structure is more of an advantage the larger the tent you need.When choosing a tent for a large group, it’s a good idea to get a slightly bigger tent than you absolutely need. That way, everyone has plenty of space to be comfortable inside the tent and it’s never a problem to invite an extra person along for your trip.

Tent Rooms

Another thing to consider is whether the interior space of an inflatable tent is divided into two or more tent rooms. Having multiple tent rooms can add privacy, which is especially helpful when camping with children or with couples. Make surethat the tent rooms can be opened up to create a single large common space for playing games or evenings relaxing together inside the tent.

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