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5-8 person tents – For larger groups & families
Whether you're camping out with the whole family or a bunch of friends, if you're planning on all sleeping under 'one roof', you're going to need a group tent. As well as offering enough floor space, these tents often come with several cabins, windows, large awnings and a standing height of up to two metres. Whether you need a tunnel or dome tent, tipi or ridge tent, geodesic or pyramid tent – our shop is sure to have something for you. Tunnel tents offer plenty of storage space, are easy to pitch and very stable. Dome tents convince with an optimal space-to-pack size ratio and are also very wind resistant. All our family tents have an outer and an inner tent – meaning you can sleep under the mosquito net in dry, warm weather and add the outer tent in poorer conditions.

Family Tents

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Family Tents for Quality Outdoor Time

Family Tents

Taking the whole family camping is one of the best ways to spend quality bonding time together. Exploring the outdoors creates memories that your kids will carryfor the rest of their lives – as well as instilling in them a genuine love for nature.Plus, spending family time outside removes the stress and distractions of the modern world.Of course, enjoying time outside together requires a tent that’s comfortable for the whole family. Here at, we carry a wide variety of family tents that are easy to set up and offer spacious interiors to fit families of every size.

Finding the Perfect Family Tent

Family tents come in a wide variety of designs, each with their own advantages. To help you find the right tent for sleeping everyone in your family, let’s take a look at some of the important design features to consider.


The best place to start when choosing a family tent is to make sure the options you’re looking at are large enough. Family tents are typically designed to hold either five or six people.You might not have six people in your family, but it’s worth looking into a tentthat’s larger than you need. That way, you have room to bring one or more of your children’s friends along for your trip, or to share your tent with friends too. Alternatively, having extra space in the tent can allow everyone in your family to have a comfortable amount of space after spending the whole day together.

Tent Rooms

Another thing to look for in family tents is whether the interior space is dividedinto two or more tent rooms. Having two tent rooms allows you and your spouse to have your own space, and your children to have their own space within the tent. Just like having a larger tent than you need, this can make everyone morecomfortable after spending a lot of time together.

Ease of Setup

Anyone who has ever tried to pitch a large family-sized tent knows that these tents can be a lot of work. That’s why it’s important to look closely at how different tents are designed and how many people it takes to set them up.In general, igloo-style tents and teepee tents are the easiest to pitch. Both of these tent designs are freestanding and don’t need to be guyed out, so one or two people can get them upright without too much fuss.That said, family tents often use a tunnel-style design because this design allows for multiple tent rooms and more efficient use of space. Tunnel tents need to be supported with guylines, so you may need multiple people to pitch the tent taut and the setup process can take some time.

Family Tents at

The best way to find a tent for your family’s next outdoor adventure is to shop our large selection at We carry over 100 different family tentsspanning a wide range of designs and our simple filters make it easy to find the tent that’s perfect for your whole family.