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4-person tents – Perfect for smaller groups!
4-person tents are already among the larger models available. They offer enough space for up to four people and serve as a safe shelter from wind and weather. It's essential you pay attention to the water column when buying a tent; otherwise, you may find yourself waking up in a damp sleeping bag in heavy rain. Our shop offers tents in all known forms, whether you need a tunnel tent, dome or igloo tent or geodesic model. Older tent shapes, such as the tipi or the ridge tent, can also be found here. So go on, grab your best friends and head off on a camping adventure!

4 Person Tents

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4-Person Tents for Camping with Family and Friends

4-Person Tents

4-person tents offer flexibility when you’re camping with a handful of family andfriends or spacious sleeping when shared with only one or two people. These tentscome in a huge variety of designs, to the degree that no two tents are exactly alike.Whether you’re looking for your first 4-person tent or upgrading to a newer,lighter or larger model, has a tent for you.

Igloo vs. Tunnel Tents

While there are more than eight different styles of 4-person tents available, mostcampers opt for igloo or tunnel tents. What are the differences between these, andwhich one is better suited for your camping style? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each. Igloo tents, also known as dome tents, are freestanding. That means that once you assemble them, typically with a series of lightweight poles, they don’t need to be tied down or held in place with guy lines. Igloo tents are easy to setup and offer relatively good protection against wind and rain. However, the dome shape isn’t necessarily the most efficient use of space since the sloped walls can make it hardto use the sides of the tent.Tunnel tents also use collapsible poles, but the poles are parallel to each other rather than crossing as in igloo tents. They typically require guy lines for support,especially in windy conditions, which can make them difficult for a single person to setup. However, the advantage to tunnel tents is that they maximise livable space.The tent sides are more upright than in igloo tents, and doorways at either end of tunnel tents allow you to go in and out without disturbing your fellow campers.

Tent Rooms and Apses

One of the unique advantages of tunnel tents over other types of tents is that thesleeping space can be divided into more than one tent room. A variety of tunnel tents have two tent rooms with a single large apsis in the middle. This can be ideal if you typically camp with a partner and want to have your own space separate from friends, or if you have children and want to give them their own tent space.The number and size of apses included in your tent’s design are also important considerations. Apses can provide valuable space for storing gear out of the elements during the night. Alternatively, they can expand the effective living space of your tent by allowing you to stretch out your legs.


Of course, weight is an essential factor in choosing a 4-person tent. While you can divide up the weight of the tent amongst 4 people, the fact is that some tents are designed to be lightweight for backpacking while others are heavier and largely restricted to car camping.The main source of weight is the tent fabric itself, although pole design can also make a difference. Heavy tents typically incorporate heavier, more durable materials, while 4-person tents for backpacking are made from thinner materials that trade durability for reduced weight.

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The best way to find the perfect 4-person tent for camping with your family and friends is to shop our wide selection at We carry more than 100 different styles of 4 person tents, including igloo tents, tunnel tents, and otherdesigns for car camping and backpacking.