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3-person tents – All good things come in threes
Whether it's a classic dome or igloo tent, an inflatable tent or a practical roll-up tent - Addnature has 3-person tents for happy camping trios. If you'll need to carry the tent in a backpack over longer distances, it's better to opt for a compact, ultralight tent. If, on the other hand, comfort and space are more important, treat yourself to a more spacious model. Speaking of space: a classic three-person tent can sometimes be a little too cosy for three people to share, especially if you need to store equipment and luggage inside. So, consider opting for a 4-person tent instead. This makes an overnight stay in the great outdoors much more comfortable!

3 Person Tents

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3 Person Tents for Any Adventure

3 Person Tents

3 person tents are a versatile class of shelters. They’re perfect for when you’re headed into the mountains with two friends, or for when you just want a little bit of extra space for you, your partner, and your gear. At the same time, most 3 persontents are not much heavier or bulkier than 2 person tents.Your tent is one of your most essential pieces of equipment, whether you’re car camping, backpacking, or mountaineering. So, it’s important to get right 3 person tent for your adventures.

Types of 3 Person Tents

3 person tents come in a variety of designs. The most common types of tents are igloo tents and tunnel tents.Igloo tents, also known as dome tents, are extremely popular amongst backcountry travellers. These 3 person tents stand on their own once the poles are set up, so you don’t have to put out guylines to keep them upright. That makes setting up an igloo tent fast and easy.The downside to igloo tents is that they don’t use space very efficiently. The domed shape means that the ceiling is quite low to the floor around the edges, so you can’t really sleep all that close to the edge of the floor. As a result, 3 person igloo tents are better suited for two people plus gear than for a whole three people.Tunnel tents, on the other hand, maximise your available space. As a result, you can more comfortably sleep three people in most 3 person tunnel tents than you can in most 3 person igloo tents.However, tunnel tents aren’t freestanding like igloo tents are. You’ll need to guy them out to trees or tent stakes when setting them up. But, if you have two other people to help you pitch your tent, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Choosing the Right 3 Person TentOnce you’ve settled on which style of tent is better for you, there are a number of additional factors to consider:


How heavy different tents are is one of the most important considerations if you’re planning on backpacking or mountaineering. Keep in mind when considering tent weight that you’ll be able to divide up your tent amongst two or three people.The upsides of a lighter tent are obvious if you’ll be carrying it on your back for days. But lighter tents are also typically made of less durable fabrics and cost more because of the design innovation that goes into them. Lighter tents may also offer somewhat less space than heavier options.


Many 3 person tents offer two apses, while some only offer one. The main advantage to having two apses is that you can get in and out of the tent on either side. This means that, unless you’re the middle person in a three-person group, you can step outside in the middle of the night without stepping on your friends inside the tent.Having a single apsis, though, may give you more total area that is protected from the weather. If you need to store gear for three people under your tent’s apsis, anyamount of extra space can make a big difference.

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