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Camping cupboards: storage and organisation for the campsite
​When a family with several children or a group of adventurers go camping together and spend the night together in a larger tent, it can be very helpful to store camping utensils, food or even clothes and shoes in camping cupboards. This way, nothing is left lying around and you can easily find everything again. These multi-purpose camping cabinets available at Addnature are easy to assemble, dismantle and transport, are robust, have sufficient storage space that can be separated with several compartments and some even offer a stable work surface for food preparation. Camping cabinets/cupboards are therefore an affordable, space-saving option for upcoming camping trips with family or friends.

Camp Cupboards

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Camp Cupboards to Help You Stay Organised

Camp Cupboards

If you’re setting up base camp in the backcountry for a week or more of adventures, it’s important to keep all of your stuff organised. A camp cupboardoffers a convenient place to store pots and pans, lights, cleaning supplies, and more. Or, you can use a camp cupboard as a pantry or wardrobe – so you don’t have food and clothes spread out all over your campsite.No matter what gear you’ve brought along for your outdoor adventures, a camp cupboard can help you keep it tidy and organised.

Choosing a Camp Cupboard

Camp cupboards come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to fit every organisational need. While that makes them versatile, it also means that you need to think carefully about how you plan to use your camp cupboard before deciding on the design that’s right for you.The majority of camp cupboards consist of a series of shelves, which is ideal for stashing most of the things you’re likely to have around camp (including food and clothes). If you’re planning to store bulkier items like large pots or plastic storage boxes, look for a camp closet in which the shelves are removable or can be placedat different height intervals.Many camp cupboards double as tables, with a hard surface on top of the frame. On many cupboards, this table is simply a surface where you can place items whilesearching through your shelves. But some cupboards designed specifically for use in your camp kitchen have surfaces designed for use with a stove or camp sink. Look for built-in wind shields on top of the cupboard surface, usually with cutoutsto allow you to run a gas line for a propane stove or grill.Finally, think about what kind of storage you want for small and frequently used items. Many camp shelving units offer hooks or organisational pouches on the outside of the shelving cover. For kitchen-specific organisers, look for places designed to hold a sponge or cooking utensils.

Construction and Portability

Camp storage units need to be built to last and portable enough to easily get themout to your backcountry campsite. Most storage units manage this by using an aluminium frame, which is durable while also being relatively lightweight. Look for straight or X-crossed legs on your camp cupboard, which are typically stronger forbearing loads than curved or C-shaped legs.In addition, think about the durability of the shelving and table surface materials. These surfaces will be directly bearing weight, so they should be constructed from sturdy plastic or metal. Covers and doors are typically made of nylon, which is able to resist punctures and tearing if you overfill your cabinets.

Camp Cupboards at

Most outdoor stores carry only a limited selection of camp cupboards and cabinetry. But at, we offer a wide variety of camp cupboards in every size and style so you can keep your campsite organised. Plus, we offer a 100-day return policy on all camp cupboards.