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An active person needs the best and most reliable equipment. When out cycling or biking, you want to know that, should you have an unfortunate accident, you will have the best possible personal protection possible. Giro cycling produces high quality cycling goods, made by people who understand safety and what a cyclist needs. When you buy a bike, a must-have item is a reliable bike helmet. For this, Giro have you covered. In addition to helmets, they also produce goggles, glasses, shoes and apparel: everything that a serious cyclist needs, no matter what level or kind of cycling you do.

Who are Giro?

Giro was established in California in 1985 by Jim Gentes. From its inception, Giro's focus has always been on designing solutions that enhance experience and performance. Giro initially set out to design a helmet to help riders cope with wind resistance and hence increase their speed. Giro not only designs helmets and other equipment for professionals, but also for the amateur cyclist. They create these products to suit the needs of their customers. From the inception of Giro, details have been of the highest importance. Giro recognises that in order for something as important as a bicycle helmet to be functional, it must be as close to perfection as possible.

What's Available?

Best known for their bicycle helmets, there are a range of different styles available. They offer more rounded bike helmets, suited to city bike riding, and peaked helmets for mountain biking. They even have full-face helmets, suitable for motocross. Their helmets come in an array of different colours, and have kid's sizes as well as adult sizes. Giro supports bike enthusiasts who push the limits.

As well as helmets, Giro cycling make shoes, which are adaptable. They are suitable for cycling down a mountain, and then heading to the shops. As such, they strike the perfect balance between durability, practicality, and style.

You can't have durable shoes without durable socks. Giro has a line of socks, designed with grips on the soles. These socks will stop your feet from slipping around inside your shoes.

With almost 30 years of experience, innovation and development, Giro has perfected the art of providing cyclists with exactly what they need. Every cyclist, no matter their level or enthusiasm, needs good, reliable helmets. Giro cycling has a fantastic choice of helmets, as well as a wide range of affordable, quality cycling garments, shoes and accessories.