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Minimalistic Shoes

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Minimalist shoes

In recent years, minimalist shoes have had their fair share of controversy with different points of view taken on the benefits these shoes have. But what is a minimalist shoe?

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To qualify as a minimalist shoe, the shoe needs to weigh less than 125 grams, have a top thickness of 8 mm in the sole, a short heel to toe drop and great flexibility when folding the shoe from heel to toe. In short, the height of the heel from the ground must be almost equal to that of the forefoot.

With all these essential points out of the way, at Addnature, we have a great selection of minimalist shoes, each designed for a different sport. So, the question is, are minimalist shoes good for running?

Taking a run with minimalist shoes

We have a great selection of minimalist running shoes available. Depending on the shoe, these can be used for different terrains. For instance, you'll find options for both road and trail running shoes.

Merrell, for example, has a wealth of different minimalist shoes on offer. Their trail brand is excellent for use on more rugged terrain. Even though these shoes have thin soles, they offer protection from the ground thanks to the integrated rock plate design. An additional loop at the back keeps the heel securely in place, meaning these shoes are great for different activities.

Another great option is the Adidas Terrex running shoes, which can be used on all types of terrain. With a small 5 mm drop, these are responsive shoes that aid in speedier running, whether the ground is rough or hard-packed. These shoes have a thicker grip than many other minimalist shoes, making them an ideal option outdoors.

You can find a selection of accessories to go along with your shoes too. Don't forget to grab the perfect pair of running socks to help keep your feet breathing while you're out and about in these types of footwear.

Getting started with running

Minimalist shoes can also be great options for training. We've got a vast selection of training road running shoes on offer here. For instance, Merrell's Vapor Glove shoe offers the bare minimum footwear. The shoe leaves very little space between the ground and your foot, giving you firm ground contact and great freedom of movement. Other top features include:

  • Breathable uppers
  • 0 mm midsole
  • Barefoot construction

Recovering with minimalist shoes

It's not just running that these minimalist shoes are good for. In fact, these shoes are actually great for recovery and post-run relief.

We have a number of Hoka One One sports shoes that are perfect for just that. For instance, the Hoka One One Ora Recovery is a great minimalist shoe that provides soft cushioning for your feet and a collapsible mesh upper. Better yet, these are simple slip-on shoes with a great silhouette. The fact that they're lightweight just helps to keep your post-run session easy.

Have a look at our collection of minimalist shoes here at Addnature, and get running in comfort.