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Camping lamps: illuminate the night
Anyone who's outdoors year-round, whether they're camping, hiking, travelling or playing sports, has certainly lost track of time once or twice and suddenly found themselves in the dark. If you haven't brought a lamp along, you have to find your way home or do whatever it is you're doing in the dark. That's why everyone should have the right lighting with them on longer excursions into nature. In the Addnature shop, you can choose between headlamps, torches and camping lamps as well as suitable accessories.

Camp Lights

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Camp Lights to Illuminate Your Night

Camp Lights

Just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean the evening has to end at sunset. Witha camp light or lantern, you can cast plenty of light to enjoy a night around your tent site.Whether you need a lightweight camp light for a backpacking trip or a heavy-duty lantern to illuminate a large group campground, has a lamp to brighten your evening.

Car Camping vs. Backpacking Lights

The first thing you need to decide when choosing a camp light is whether you’llprimarily be using it for car camping or backpacking.Backpacking lanterns will necessarily be more compact and lightweight. Many backpacking lanterns are designed to be squishy or to fold down when not in use, which helps save space in your backpack. The downside to camp lights designed for backpacking, though, is that you’ll typically pay more for less light compared to car camping lanterns.Car camping lights don’t have any size or weight restrictions, which allows them to be relatively inexpensive and quite bright. While you can use a small backpacking light while car camping, it’s often worth having a dedicated car camping lantern because these lights can illuminate an entire campsite.

Choosing the Right Camp Light


Beyond weight and size, brightness is the most important factor to consider whenchoosing a camping light. 100 lumens are enough for two or three people to play a game inside your tent, but you’ll want several hundred lumens to illuminate a picnic table and its surroundings outside. For backpacking, keep in mind that greater brightness will drain your batteries faster or require a larger light.

Power Source

One of the most important differences among camp lights is how they are powered.Batteries are the standard for outdoor lights regardless of whether you’re backpacking or car camping. However, you’ll typically find larger C and D batteries in car camping lights, while backpacking lights are more likely to use small AAA batteries.Solar powered lights are increasingly popular amongst backpackers because they eliminate the weight and space requirements of alkaline batteries. Just remember that you may need to keep the lantern on the outside of your backpack during the day so that the solar panels can recharge.Some car camping lanterns run on propane fuel or petrol. Running these lights is more costly than running battery-powered lights, but they burn somewhat brighterand some people prefer the traditional feel of a fuel-burning lantern.

USB Charging

A growing number of camping lanterns now offer USB ports for charging your small electronics. This is a useful feature for both backpackers and car campers, especially if you don’t usually travel with a portable battery otherwise. If you optfor a solar-powered camp light, having a USB charger allows you to use your lantern like a miniature solar power pack.

Camping Lights at

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