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Elkline - urban outdoor fashion
Elkline - urban outdoor fashion
In the beginning, there was an elk. Initially beginning life on a t-shirt in 1999, the Elkline company soon developed into the innovative clothing company it is today. Elkline has come so far that every spring and autumn it presents a new urban outdoor textile collection for the whole family. In addition to fashionable styles and high-quality materials, each garment features an interesting and recognisable name. For Elkline, personality is as much a priority as quality.


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Elkline urban outdoor fashion

It started with an elk. An elk that first began life on a t-shirt and was then used to brand a line of innovative clothing products that are not only ideal for outdoor and leisure use, but also look and feel great too. Just as the elk likes to be outside, the Elkline urban outdoor fashion line ensures that you are well prepared for whatever the conditions the outdoors may throw your way. On the website, choose from a range of fun, eye-catching and robust apparel, such as jackets, skirts, dresses, sweaters, t-shirts, hats and scarves that will keep you looking good as well as protected from the elements.

Elkline jackets

For Elkline, personality has the same priority as quality

The Elkline brand was established in 1999 when its founder, Stephan Knüppel, had the vision to personalise clothing with his elk logo for friends and family. Starting with only one store, and the logo of a smiling elk, the company began sales from a small shop in Hamburg. In time, the brand gained popularity and it launched its own production line of clothes, including shirts, sports jerseys and pants. The fan base kept growing and the products kept developing. Currently the Elkline urban outdoor fashion collection is available across Europe and beyond and is designed for you to be able to dress the whole family, from the youngest toddler to the young-at-heart.

The company has around 50 employees who work together to ensure that every spring and autumn, there is a new urban outdoor collection. It is known for its sustainable methods and fair working conditions. Since 2013, its clothes have mainly been crafted from organic cotton and only environmentally-friendly BIONIC-FINISH ECO technology has been used.

Elkline outdoor clothing for the whole family

On the website, you can find a comprehensive selection of Elkline clothing and accessories for men, women and children that is appropriate for many different outdoor activities:

  • Softshell jackets – a great choice for spring and autumn, made with breathable and moisture-proof material and versatile for a wide array of outdoor activities, without needing to worry about excessive cooling or over-heating of the body.
  • Casual Elkline jackets and fleeces - when the temperature lowers, a fleece provides excellent protection against adverse weather conditions. For people who value comfortable and practical solutions that still look good, Elkline jackets and fleeces are ideal.
  • Winter jackets – filled with down or synthetic materials to protect against the cold.
  • T-shirts – Elkline t-shirts are where the brand began and there is a large range of t-shirt designs and colours to suit many tastes. On most t-shirts, you’ll find the brand’s signature elk.
  • The clothing line is also complemented by a choice of trousers, sweaters, shirts, dresses and skirts.
  • Accessories – there is also a collection of accessories such as backpacks, bags, scarves and hats.
  • Furthermore, the elk logo and the variety of colours and designs on offer are a hit with children, and you can find items such as overalls, vests, jackets and sweaters especially for kids.