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Kidney Warmers

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Kidney Warmers

Discover the joy of a warm lower back with our range of kidney warmers here at Addnature. Made with high-quality materials, these clever wraps offer warmth exactly where you need it. These accessories are also ideal for offering support around your middle section.

Superior kidney warmers on Addnature

What is a Kidney Warmer?

Kidney warmers are, as the name suggests, designed to keep these important organs, and more, warm. They stretch over the middle torso from your hips to your waist. This keeps both your midriff and lower back covered.

But why keep this area warm in particular? It's because the kidneys are closer to the surface of the body than other organs. The kidneys are also round the back, where it's easier for the body to become exposed to drafts.

Modern kidney warmers have been developed from a traditional Japanese design. A similar item was part of a soldier’s uniform, worn many centuries ago. This style has been adapted for women in more recent times. For Japanese women, it has become a fashionable, yet practical item. Kidney warmers can be worn by men and women, although they are generally more beneficial for women.

Additional benefits of a kidney warmer

As well as keeping your kidneys warm, these supportive belts have a range of further benefits, including:

  • General midriff support: wear a kidney warmer to keep back muscles warm and supple.
  • Support during pregnancy: any extra support can help during pregnancy when there's additional strain on the lower back.
  • Warmth during pregnancy: it’s not just extra support that’s important in pregnancy. A kidney warmer can also help keep mum and baby warm. When tops rise up during pregnancy, a maternity kidney warmer can help cover the gap protecting the lower back from exposure to cold drafts
  • Relief from menstrual pain: some wearers find that the 'hug' offered by a kidney warmer can help relieve light menstrual cramps.
  • Versatility: this clever accessory is also wonderfully versatile. Pull the warmer down to cover the entire hips and buttocks, or wear it higher to cover the middle of the abdomen. This accessory can even be worn around the chest, for support when you need it there. You can also wear a kidney warmer above or below an outfit.

The Kidney Warmer range

Here at Addnature, you can choose from a wide range of items from Kidneykaren — a leading brand and one of the biggest names in kidney warmers. You can also shop for wool kidney warmers, which offer extra warmth. Select options made with functional polyamide, which offers both warmth and ease of movement. You'll also find warmers made from 100% cotton, which offer excellent breathability. Discover maternity kidney warmers, designed for use throughout pregnancy. You can also choose warmers and wraps in a wide range of colours. This includes a selection of neutral shades, as well as more vibrant tones.

Browse Addnature’s impressive kidney warmer range today and discover an excellent choice of products. Complement kidney warmers with functional outerwear such as hybrid jackets and stay extra warm. Keep other important parts of your body protected from the cold with a range of headgear, gloves, thermal socks and base layers.