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Lafuma Mobilier

Lafuma Mobilier is a French manufacturer that designs and creates garden furniture. The company was founded in 1954 with the aim of creating comfortable outdoor furniture that was stylish but also durable. The brand was developed off the back of the metal frame. From there, the first line of portable furniture was created, using the foldable frame and attaching cotton fabric for a simple yet practical seat.

 Lafuma Logo

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, improving the practical design of its furniture as well as the way it looks. The brand exploded in 1962 with its innovative Translude RELAX chair. This provided a multi-position recliner that has paved the way for more exciting products in recent years.

At Addnature, we've got a range of Lafuma Mobilier chairs ready to suit all your needs

Are you lying comfortably?

Being able to lounge comfortably outside is hugely important. The Lafuma recliners are the pinnacle of this as they offer one of the best folding chair recliners out there. The star product from this company is its Relax chair with its famous Zero Gravity feel.

All of the recliners available from Lafuma Mobilier can be folded down neatly, but also have three different adjustment points. Better still, as with most of the Lafuma products, the cover is removable and can be easily cleaned when necessary.

Take a seat

Lafuma chairs may look simple, but there's a lot of technology going on behind the scenes. The brand offers a range of simple garden chairs. You can opt for the Directors seat chair with its simple arms and straight back, for example. However, there are also other options such as the three-layer padded chair from the AirComfort series. This offers a breathable fabric that dries quickly as well as being comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time.

Travelling with furniture

One of the best things about Lafuma Mobilier is that its chairs and furniture are super lightweight and can be folded down. This is particularly evident in their exciting Lafuma camp furniture range.

For the perfect camp chairs, look no further than the Maxi Transat. This comes in a range of different colours and is perfect for both gardens and camping trips. It is now available in a more spacious form too, allowing taller people to relax with ease in it as well. Compact and light, this makes it the perfect addition to any camping trip.

Comfortable additions

Finally, the brand has a range of camp furniture accessories to really elevate your outdoor experience. These accessories can also be used at home in the garden. They include a selection of Lafuma pillows & blankets. By adding these to your chairs and recliners, what was already comfortable simply becomes even more so. These blankets are polar fleece, making them perfect for a soft snuggle outside.

Lafuma Mobilier also has a range of footstools, side tables and even beach furniture available. To protect your furniture throughout the year, there are furniture covers, something that's particularly important for those more fragile tables.